Commit 96ca2e86 authored by Sjoerd Simons's avatar Sjoerd Simons Committed by Guillaume Tucker
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Improve the version for the debian package

Suffix the snapshot version with .collabora to make it more clear this
is a collabora forked version

Signed-off-by: Sjoerd Simons's avatarSjoerd Simons <>
parent 3f917e5d
......@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ include:
build debian source:
- mkdir _build
- VERSION=$(git describe | sed 's,-,.,g')
- VERSION=$(git describe | sed 's,-,.,g').collabora
- gbp dch --spawn-editor=never -R --ignore-branch -N ${VERSION}-0.1
- git commit -am "snapshot"
- git tag ${VERSION}
- git tag debian/${VERSION}-0.1
- git archive --prefix "lava-${VERSION}/" -o _build/lava_${VERSION}.orig.tar.gz HEAD
- ls _build/
- ci-buildpackage -S
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