Commit a77ee642 authored by Antonio Terceiro's avatar Antonio Terceiro
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lava_dispatcher_host: add docker support

parent 96fcb81a
......@@ -66,6 +66,8 @@ def share_device_with_container(options, setup_logger=None):
container_type = data["container_type"]
if container_type == "lxc":
share_device_with_container_lxc(container, device)
elif container_type == "docker":
share_device_with_container_docker(container, device)
raise InfrastructureError('Unsupported container type: "%s"' % container_type)
......@@ -95,3 +97,27 @@ def match_mapping(device_info, options):
def share_device_with_container_lxc(container, node):
subprocess.check_call(["lxc-device", "-n", container, "add", node])
def share_device_with_container_docker(container, node):
container_id = subprocess.check_output(
["docker", "inspect", "--format={{.ID}}", container], text=True
nodeinfo = os.stat(node)
major = os.major(nodeinfo.st_rdev)
minor = os.minor(nodeinfo.st_rdev)
with open(
"/sys/fs/cgroup/devices/docker/%s/devices.allow" % container_id, "w"
) as allow:
allow.write("a %d:%d rwm\n" % (major, minor))
"mkdir -p %s && mknod %s c %d %d"
% (os.path.dirname(node), node, major, minor),
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