Commit 5ec71dd7 authored by Johannes Berg's avatar Johannes Berg
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cfg80211: sysfs: use wiphy_name()

Instead of open-coding dev_name(), use the wiphy_name() inline
to make the code easier to understand. While at it, clean up
some coding style.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
parent b7f98864
......@@ -39,9 +39,11 @@ SHOW_FMT(address_mask, "%pM", wiphy.addr_mask);
static ssize_t name_show(struct device *dev,
struct device_attribute *attr,
char *buf) {
char *buf)
struct wiphy *wiphy = &dev_to_rdev(dev)->wiphy;
return sprintf(buf, "%s\n", dev_name(&wiphy->dev));
return sprintf(buf, "%s\n", wiphy_name(wiphy));
static DEVICE_ATTR_RO(name);
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