Commit 90fa7c7f authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

Merge tag 'media/v4.6-6' of git://

Pull media fix from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
 "A revert fixing a breakage that caused an OOPS on all VB2-based DVB

  We already have a proper fix, but it sounds safer to keep it being
  tested for a while and not hurry, to avoid the risk of another
  regression, specially since this is meant to be c/c to stable.  So,
  for now, let's just revert the broken patch"

* tag 'media/v4.6-6' of git://
  Revert "[media] videobuf2-v4l2: Verify planes array in buffer dequeueing"
parents 9dcf8a58 93f0750d
......@@ -74,11 +74,6 @@ static int __verify_planes_array(struct vb2_buffer *vb, const struct v4l2_buffer
return 0;
static int __verify_planes_array_core(struct vb2_buffer *vb, const void *pb)
return __verify_planes_array(vb, pb);
* __verify_length() - Verify that the bytesused value for each plane fits in
* the plane length and that the data offset doesn't exceed the bytesused value.
......@@ -442,7 +437,6 @@ static int __fill_vb2_buffer(struct vb2_buffer *vb,
static const struct vb2_buf_ops v4l2_buf_ops = {
.verify_planes_array = __verify_planes_array_core,
.fill_user_buffer = __fill_v4l2_buffer,
.fill_vb2_buffer = __fill_vb2_buffer,
.copy_timestamp = __copy_timestamp,
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