Commit a78e9366 authored by Francois Romieu's avatar Francois Romieu Committed by David S. Miller
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r8169: fix memory corruption on retrieval of hardware statistics.

Hardware statistics retrieval hurts in tight invocation loops.

Avoid extraneous write and enforce strict ordering of writes targeted to
the tally counters dump area address registers.
Signed-off-by: default avatarFrancois Romieu <>
Tested-by: default avatarOliver Freyermuth <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent f15ca723
......@@ -2244,19 +2244,14 @@ static bool rtl8169_do_counters(struct net_device *dev, u32 counter_cmd)
void __iomem *ioaddr = tp->mmio_addr;
dma_addr_t paddr = tp->counters_phys_addr;
u32 cmd;
bool ret;
RTL_W32(CounterAddrHigh, (u64)paddr >> 32);
cmd = (u64)paddr & DMA_BIT_MASK(32);
RTL_W32(CounterAddrLow, cmd);
RTL_W32(CounterAddrLow, cmd | counter_cmd);
ret = rtl_udelay_loop_wait_low(tp, &rtl_counters_cond, 10, 1000);
RTL_W32(CounterAddrLow, 0);
RTL_W32(CounterAddrHigh, 0);
return ret;
return rtl_udelay_loop_wait_low(tp, &rtl_counters_cond, 10, 1000);
static bool rtl8169_reset_counters(struct net_device *dev)
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