Commit de7044ee authored by Sujith Manoharan's avatar Sujith Manoharan Committed by Johannes Berg
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cfg80211: Disallow HT/WEP in IBSS mode

Currently, a user is allowed to choose a HT operating channel
with WEP when creating an IBSS network. WEP is not allowed
in HT configuration - this patch ensures that such requests
are denied.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSujith Manoharan <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJohannes Berg <>
parent f53c6a0d
......@@ -692,7 +692,7 @@ static int nl80211_parse_key(struct genl_info *info, struct key_parse *k)
static struct cfg80211_cached_keys *
nl80211_parse_connkeys(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
struct nlattr *keys)
struct nlattr *keys, bool *no_ht)
struct key_parse parse;
struct nlattr *key;
......@@ -735,6 +735,12 @@ nl80211_parse_connkeys(struct cfg80211_registered_device *rdev,
result->params[parse.idx].key_len = parse.p.key_len;
result->params[parse.idx].key = result->data[parse.idx];
memcpy(result->data[parse.idx], parse.p.key, parse.p.key_len);
if (parse.p.cipher == WLAN_CIPHER_SUITE_WEP40 ||
parse.p.cipher == WLAN_CIPHER_SUITE_WEP104) {
if (no_ht)
*no_ht = true;
return result;
......@@ -5406,10 +5412,18 @@ static int nl80211_join_ibss(struct sk_buff *skb, struct genl_info *info)
return -EINVAL;
if (ibss.privacy && info->attrs[NL80211_ATTR_KEYS]) {
bool no_ht = false;
connkeys = nl80211_parse_connkeys(rdev,
if (IS_ERR(connkeys))
return PTR_ERR(connkeys);
if ((ibss.channel_type != NL80211_CHAN_NO_HT) && no_ht) {
return -EINVAL;
ibss.control_port =
......@@ -5710,7 +5724,7 @@ static int nl80211_connect(struct sk_buff *skb, struct genl_info *info)
if (connect.privacy && info->attrs[NL80211_ATTR_KEYS]) {
connkeys = nl80211_parse_connkeys(rdev,
info->attrs[NL80211_ATTR_KEYS], NULL);
if (IS_ERR(connkeys))
return PTR_ERR(connkeys);
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