Commit 3612605a authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

Merge branch 'next-general' of git://

Pull general security layer updates from James Morris:

 - Convert security hooks from list to hlist, a nice cleanup, saving
   about 50% of space, from Sargun Dhillon.

 - Only pass the cred, not the secid, to kill_pid_info_as_cred and
   security_task_kill (as the secid can be determined from the cred),
   from Stephen Smalley.

 - Close a potential race in kernel_read_file(), by making the file
   unwritable before calling the LSM check (vs after), from Kees Cook.

* 'next-general' of git://
  security: convert security hooks to use hlist
  exec: Set file unwritable before LSM check
  usb, signal, security: only pass the cred, not the secid, to kill_pid_info_as_cred and security_task_kill
parents 62f8e6c5 df0ce173
......@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ struct usb_dev_state {
const struct cred *cred;
void __user *disccontext;
unsigned long ifclaimed;
u32 secid;
u32 disabled_bulk_eps;
bool privileges_dropped;
unsigned long interface_allowed_mask;
......@@ -95,7 +94,6 @@ struct async {
struct usb_memory *usbm;
unsigned int mem_usage;
int status;
u32 secid;
u8 bulk_addr;
u8 bulk_status;
......@@ -586,7 +584,6 @@ static void async_completed(struct urb *urb)
struct usb_dev_state *ps = as->ps;
struct siginfo sinfo;
struct pid *pid = NULL;
u32 secid = 0;
const struct cred *cred = NULL;
int signr;
......@@ -602,7 +599,6 @@ static void async_completed(struct urb *urb)
sinfo.si_addr = as->userurb;
pid = get_pid(as->pid);
cred = get_cred(as->cred);
secid = as->secid;
snoop(&urb->dev->dev, "urb complete\n");
snoop_urb(urb->dev, as->userurb, urb->pipe, urb->actual_length,
......@@ -618,7 +614,7 @@ static void async_completed(struct urb *urb)
if (signr) {
kill_pid_info_as_cred(sinfo.si_signo, &sinfo, pid, cred, secid);
kill_pid_info_as_cred(sinfo.si_signo, &sinfo, pid, cred);
......@@ -1013,7 +1009,6 @@ static int usbdev_open(struct inode *inode, struct file *file)
ps->disc_pid = get_pid(task_pid(current));
ps->cred = get_current_cred();
security_task_getsecid(current, &ps->secid);
list_add_tail(&ps->list, &dev->filelist);
file->private_data = ps;
......@@ -1727,7 +1722,6 @@ static int proc_do_submiturb(struct usb_dev_state *ps, struct usbdevfs_urb *uurb
as->ifnum = ifnum;
as->pid = get_pid(task_pid(current));
as->cred = get_current_cred();
security_task_getsecid(current, &as->secid);
snoop_urb(ps->dev, as->userurb, as->urb->pipe,
as->urb->transfer_buffer_length, 0, SUBMIT,
NULL, 0);
......@@ -2617,7 +2611,7 @@ static void usbdev_remove(struct usb_device *udev)
sinfo.si_code = SI_ASYNCIO;
sinfo.si_addr = ps->disccontext;
kill_pid_info_as_cred(ps->discsignr, &sinfo,
ps->disc_pid, ps->cred, ps->secid);
ps->disc_pid, ps->cred);
......@@ -895,13 +895,13 @@ int kernel_read_file(struct file *file, void **buf, loff_t *size,
if (!S_ISREG(file_inode(file)->i_mode) || max_size < 0)
return -EINVAL;
ret = security_kernel_read_file(file, id);
ret = deny_write_access(file);
if (ret)
return ret;
ret = deny_write_access(file);
ret = security_kernel_read_file(file, id);
if (ret)
return ret;
goto out;
i_size = i_size_read(file_inode(file));
if (max_size > 0 && i_size > max_size) {
......@@ -672,7 +672,8 @@
* @p contains the task_struct for process.
* @info contains the signal information.
* @sig contains the signal value.
* @secid contains the sid of the process where the signal originated
* @cred contains the cred of the process where the signal originated, or
* NULL if the current task is the originator.
* Return 0 if permission is granted.
* @task_prctl:
* Check permission before performing a process control operation on the
......@@ -1591,7 +1592,7 @@ union security_list_options {
int (*task_getscheduler)(struct task_struct *p);
int (*task_movememory)(struct task_struct *p);
int (*task_kill)(struct task_struct *p, struct siginfo *info,
int sig, u32 secid);
int sig, const struct cred *cred);
int (*task_prctl)(int option, unsigned long arg2, unsigned long arg3,
unsigned long arg4, unsigned long arg5);
void (*task_to_inode)(struct task_struct *p, struct inode *inode);
......@@ -1763,233 +1764,233 @@ union security_list_options {
struct security_hook_heads {
struct list_head binder_set_context_mgr;
struct list_head binder_transaction;
struct list_head binder_transfer_binder;
struct list_head binder_transfer_file;
struct list_head ptrace_access_check;
struct list_head ptrace_traceme;
struct list_head capget;
struct list_head capset;
struct list_head capable;
struct list_head quotactl;
struct list_head quota_on;
struct list_head syslog;
struct list_head settime;
struct list_head vm_enough_memory;
struct list_head bprm_set_creds;
struct list_head bprm_check_security;
struct list_head bprm_committing_creds;
struct list_head bprm_committed_creds;
struct list_head sb_alloc_security;
struct list_head sb_free_security;
struct list_head sb_copy_data;
struct list_head sb_remount;
struct list_head sb_kern_mount;
struct list_head sb_show_options;
struct list_head sb_statfs;
struct list_head sb_mount;
struct list_head sb_umount;
struct list_head sb_pivotroot;
struct list_head sb_set_mnt_opts;
struct list_head sb_clone_mnt_opts;
struct list_head sb_parse_opts_str;
struct list_head dentry_init_security;
struct list_head dentry_create_files_as;
struct hlist_head binder_set_context_mgr;
struct hlist_head binder_transaction;
struct hlist_head binder_transfer_binder;
struct hlist_head binder_transfer_file;
struct hlist_head ptrace_access_check;
struct hlist_head ptrace_traceme;
struct hlist_head capget;
struct hlist_head capset;
struct hlist_head capable;
struct hlist_head quotactl;
struct hlist_head quota_on;
struct hlist_head syslog;
struct hlist_head settime;
struct hlist_head vm_enough_memory;
struct hlist_head bprm_set_creds;
struct hlist_head bprm_check_security;
struct hlist_head bprm_committing_creds;
struct hlist_head bprm_committed_creds;
struct hlist_head sb_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head sb_free_security;
struct hlist_head sb_copy_data;
struct hlist_head sb_remount;
struct hlist_head sb_kern_mount;
struct hlist_head sb_show_options;
struct hlist_head sb_statfs;
struct hlist_head sb_mount;
struct hlist_head sb_umount;
struct hlist_head sb_pivotroot;
struct hlist_head sb_set_mnt_opts;
struct hlist_head sb_clone_mnt_opts;
struct hlist_head sb_parse_opts_str;
struct hlist_head dentry_init_security;
struct hlist_head dentry_create_files_as;
struct list_head path_unlink;
struct list_head path_mkdir;
struct list_head path_rmdir;
struct list_head path_mknod;
struct list_head path_truncate;
struct list_head path_symlink;
struct list_head path_link;
struct list_head path_rename;
struct list_head path_chmod;
struct list_head path_chown;
struct list_head path_chroot;
struct hlist_head path_unlink;
struct hlist_head path_mkdir;
struct hlist_head path_rmdir;
struct hlist_head path_mknod;
struct hlist_head path_truncate;
struct hlist_head path_symlink;
struct hlist_head path_link;
struct hlist_head path_rename;
struct hlist_head path_chmod;
struct hlist_head path_chown;
struct hlist_head path_chroot;
struct list_head inode_alloc_security;
struct list_head inode_free_security;
struct list_head inode_init_security;
struct list_head inode_create;
struct list_head inode_link;
struct list_head inode_unlink;
struct list_head inode_symlink;
struct list_head inode_mkdir;
struct list_head inode_rmdir;
struct list_head inode_mknod;
struct list_head inode_rename;
struct list_head inode_readlink;
struct list_head inode_follow_link;
struct list_head inode_permission;
struct list_head inode_setattr;
struct list_head inode_getattr;
struct list_head inode_setxattr;
struct list_head inode_post_setxattr;
struct list_head inode_getxattr;
struct list_head inode_listxattr;
struct list_head inode_removexattr;
struct list_head inode_need_killpriv;
struct list_head inode_killpriv;
struct list_head inode_getsecurity;
struct list_head inode_setsecurity;
struct list_head inode_listsecurity;
struct list_head inode_getsecid;
struct list_head inode_copy_up;
struct list_head inode_copy_up_xattr;
struct list_head file_permission;
struct list_head file_alloc_security;
struct list_head file_free_security;
struct list_head file_ioctl;
struct list_head mmap_addr;
struct list_head mmap_file;
struct list_head file_mprotect;
struct list_head file_lock;
struct list_head file_fcntl;
struct list_head file_set_fowner;
struct list_head file_send_sigiotask;
struct list_head file_receive;
struct list_head file_open;
struct list_head task_alloc;
struct list_head task_free;
struct list_head cred_alloc_blank;
struct list_head cred_free;
struct list_head cred_prepare;
struct list_head cred_transfer;
struct list_head kernel_act_as;
struct list_head kernel_create_files_as;
struct list_head kernel_read_file;
struct list_head kernel_post_read_file;
struct list_head kernel_module_request;
struct list_head task_fix_setuid;
struct list_head task_setpgid;
struct list_head task_getpgid;
struct list_head task_getsid;
struct list_head task_getsecid;
struct list_head task_setnice;
struct list_head task_setioprio;
struct list_head task_getioprio;
struct list_head task_prlimit;
struct list_head task_setrlimit;
struct list_head task_setscheduler;
struct list_head task_getscheduler;
struct list_head task_movememory;
struct list_head task_kill;
struct list_head task_prctl;
struct list_head task_to_inode;
struct list_head ipc_permission;
struct list_head ipc_getsecid;
struct list_head msg_msg_alloc_security;
struct list_head msg_msg_free_security;
struct list_head msg_queue_alloc_security;
struct list_head msg_queue_free_security;
struct list_head msg_queue_associate;
struct list_head msg_queue_msgctl;
struct list_head msg_queue_msgsnd;
struct list_head msg_queue_msgrcv;
struct list_head shm_alloc_security;
struct list_head shm_free_security;
struct list_head shm_associate;
struct list_head shm_shmctl;
struct list_head shm_shmat;
struct list_head sem_alloc_security;
struct list_head sem_free_security;
struct list_head sem_associate;
struct list_head sem_semctl;
struct list_head sem_semop;
struct list_head netlink_send;
struct list_head d_instantiate;
struct list_head getprocattr;
struct list_head setprocattr;
struct list_head ismaclabel;
struct list_head secid_to_secctx;
struct list_head secctx_to_secid;
struct list_head release_secctx;
struct list_head inode_invalidate_secctx;
struct list_head inode_notifysecctx;
struct list_head inode_setsecctx;
struct list_head inode_getsecctx;
struct hlist_head inode_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head inode_free_security;
struct hlist_head inode_init_security;
struct hlist_head inode_create;
struct hlist_head inode_link;
struct hlist_head inode_unlink;
struct hlist_head inode_symlink;
struct hlist_head inode_mkdir;
struct hlist_head inode_rmdir;
struct hlist_head inode_mknod;
struct hlist_head inode_rename;
struct hlist_head inode_readlink;
struct hlist_head inode_follow_link;
struct hlist_head inode_permission;
struct hlist_head inode_setattr;
struct hlist_head inode_getattr;
struct hlist_head inode_setxattr;
struct hlist_head inode_post_setxattr;
struct hlist_head inode_getxattr;
struct hlist_head inode_listxattr;
struct hlist_head inode_removexattr;
struct hlist_head inode_need_killpriv;
struct hlist_head inode_killpriv;
struct hlist_head inode_getsecurity;
struct hlist_head inode_setsecurity;
struct hlist_head inode_listsecurity;
struct hlist_head inode_getsecid;
struct hlist_head inode_copy_up;
struct hlist_head inode_copy_up_xattr;
struct hlist_head file_permission;
struct hlist_head file_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head file_free_security;
struct hlist_head file_ioctl;
struct hlist_head mmap_addr;
struct hlist_head mmap_file;
struct hlist_head file_mprotect;
struct hlist_head file_lock;
struct hlist_head file_fcntl;
struct hlist_head file_set_fowner;
struct hlist_head file_send_sigiotask;
struct hlist_head file_receive;
struct hlist_head file_open;
struct hlist_head task_alloc;
struct hlist_head task_free;
struct hlist_head cred_alloc_blank;
struct hlist_head cred_free;
struct hlist_head cred_prepare;
struct hlist_head cred_transfer;
struct hlist_head kernel_act_as;
struct hlist_head kernel_create_files_as;
struct hlist_head kernel_read_file;
struct hlist_head kernel_post_read_file;
struct hlist_head kernel_module_request;
struct hlist_head task_fix_setuid;
struct hlist_head task_setpgid;
struct hlist_head task_getpgid;
struct hlist_head task_getsid;
struct hlist_head task_getsecid;
struct hlist_head task_setnice;
struct hlist_head task_setioprio;
struct hlist_head task_getioprio;
struct hlist_head task_prlimit;
struct hlist_head task_setrlimit;
struct hlist_head task_setscheduler;
struct hlist_head task_getscheduler;
struct hlist_head task_movememory;
struct hlist_head task_kill;
struct hlist_head task_prctl;
struct hlist_head task_to_inode;
struct hlist_head ipc_permission;
struct hlist_head ipc_getsecid;
struct hlist_head msg_msg_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head msg_msg_free_security;
struct hlist_head msg_queue_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head msg_queue_free_security;
struct hlist_head msg_queue_associate;
struct hlist_head msg_queue_msgctl;
struct hlist_head msg_queue_msgsnd;
struct hlist_head msg_queue_msgrcv;
struct hlist_head shm_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head shm_free_security;
struct hlist_head shm_associate;
struct hlist_head shm_shmctl;
struct hlist_head shm_shmat;
struct hlist_head sem_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head sem_free_security;
struct hlist_head sem_associate;
struct hlist_head sem_semctl;
struct hlist_head sem_semop;
struct hlist_head netlink_send;
struct hlist_head d_instantiate;
struct hlist_head getprocattr;
struct hlist_head setprocattr;
struct hlist_head ismaclabel;
struct hlist_head secid_to_secctx;
struct hlist_head secctx_to_secid;
struct hlist_head release_secctx;
struct hlist_head inode_invalidate_secctx;
struct hlist_head inode_notifysecctx;
struct hlist_head inode_setsecctx;
struct hlist_head inode_getsecctx;
struct list_head unix_stream_connect;
struct list_head unix_may_send;
struct list_head socket_create;
struct list_head socket_post_create;
struct list_head socket_bind;
struct list_head socket_connect;
struct list_head socket_listen;
struct list_head socket_accept;
struct list_head socket_sendmsg;
struct list_head socket_recvmsg;
struct list_head socket_getsockname;
struct list_head socket_getpeername;
struct list_head socket_getsockopt;
struct list_head socket_setsockopt;
struct list_head socket_shutdown;
struct list_head socket_sock_rcv_skb;
struct list_head socket_getpeersec_stream;
struct list_head socket_getpeersec_dgram;
struct list_head sk_alloc_security;
struct list_head sk_free_security;
struct list_head sk_clone_security;
struct list_head sk_getsecid;
struct list_head sock_graft;
struct list_head inet_conn_request;
struct list_head inet_csk_clone;
struct list_head inet_conn_established;
struct list_head secmark_relabel_packet;
struct list_head secmark_refcount_inc;
struct list_head secmark_refcount_dec;
struct list_head req_classify_flow;
struct list_head tun_dev_alloc_security;
struct list_head tun_dev_free_security;
struct list_head tun_dev_create;
struct list_head tun_dev_attach_queue;
struct list_head tun_dev_attach;
struct list_head tun_dev_open;
struct list_head sctp_assoc_request;
struct list_head sctp_bind_connect;
struct list_head sctp_sk_clone;
struct hlist_head unix_stream_connect;
struct hlist_head unix_may_send;
struct hlist_head socket_create;
struct hlist_head socket_post_create;
struct hlist_head socket_bind;
struct hlist_head socket_connect;
struct hlist_head socket_listen;
struct hlist_head socket_accept;
struct hlist_head socket_sendmsg;
struct hlist_head socket_recvmsg;
struct hlist_head socket_getsockname;
struct hlist_head socket_getpeername;
struct hlist_head socket_getsockopt;
struct hlist_head socket_setsockopt;
struct hlist_head socket_shutdown;
struct hlist_head socket_sock_rcv_skb;
struct hlist_head socket_getpeersec_stream;
struct hlist_head socket_getpeersec_dgram;
struct hlist_head sk_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head sk_free_security;
struct hlist_head sk_clone_security;
struct hlist_head sk_getsecid;
struct hlist_head sock_graft;
struct hlist_head inet_conn_request;
struct hlist_head inet_csk_clone;
struct hlist_head inet_conn_established;
struct hlist_head secmark_relabel_packet;
struct hlist_head secmark_refcount_inc;
struct hlist_head secmark_refcount_dec;
struct hlist_head req_classify_flow;
struct hlist_head tun_dev_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head tun_dev_free_security;
struct hlist_head tun_dev_create;
struct hlist_head tun_dev_attach_queue;
struct hlist_head tun_dev_attach;
struct hlist_head tun_dev_open;
struct hlist_head sctp_assoc_request;
struct hlist_head sctp_bind_connect;
struct hlist_head sctp_sk_clone;
struct list_head ib_pkey_access;
struct list_head ib_endport_manage_subnet;
struct list_head ib_alloc_security;
struct list_head ib_free_security;
struct hlist_head ib_pkey_access;
struct hlist_head ib_endport_manage_subnet;
struct hlist_head ib_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head ib_free_security;
struct list_head xfrm_policy_alloc_security;
struct list_head xfrm_policy_clone_security;
struct list_head xfrm_policy_free_security;
struct list_head xfrm_policy_delete_security;
struct list_head xfrm_state_alloc;
struct list_head xfrm_state_alloc_acquire;
struct list_head xfrm_state_free_security;
struct list_head xfrm_state_delete_security;
struct list_head xfrm_policy_lookup;
struct list_head xfrm_state_pol_flow_match;
struct list_head xfrm_decode_session;
struct hlist_head xfrm_policy_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head xfrm_policy_clone_security;
struct hlist_head xfrm_policy_free_security;
struct hlist_head xfrm_policy_delete_security;
struct hlist_head xfrm_state_alloc;
struct hlist_head xfrm_state_alloc_acquire;
struct hlist_head xfrm_state_free_security;
struct hlist_head xfrm_state_delete_security;
struct hlist_head xfrm_policy_lookup;
struct hlist_head xfrm_state_pol_flow_match;
struct hlist_head xfrm_decode_session;
struct list_head key_alloc;
struct list_head key_free;
struct list_head key_permission;
struct list_head key_getsecurity;
struct hlist_head key_alloc;
struct hlist_head key_free;
struct hlist_head key_permission;
struct hlist_head key_getsecurity;
#endif /* CONFIG_KEYS */
struct list_head audit_rule_init;
struct list_head audit_rule_known;
struct list_head audit_rule_match;
struct list_head audit_rule_free;
struct hlist_head audit_rule_init;
struct hlist_head audit_rule_known;
struct hlist_head audit_rule_match;
struct hlist_head audit_rule_free;
#endif /* CONFIG_AUDIT */
struct list_head bpf;
struct list_head bpf_map;
struct list_head bpf_prog;
struct list_head bpf_map_alloc_security;
struct list_head bpf_map_free_security;
struct list_head bpf_prog_alloc_security;
struct list_head bpf_prog_free_security;
struct hlist_head bpf;
struct hlist_head bpf_map;
struct hlist_head bpf_prog;
struct hlist_head bpf_map_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head bpf_map_free_security;
struct hlist_head bpf_prog_alloc_security;
struct hlist_head bpf_prog_free_security;
} __randomize_layout;
......@@ -1998,8 +1999,8 @@ struct security_hook_heads {
* For use with generic list macros for common operations.
struct security_hook_list {
struct list_head list;
struct list_head *head;
struct hlist_node list;
struct hlist_head *head;
union security_list_options hook;
char *lsm;
} __randomize_layout;
......@@ -2038,7 +2039,7 @@ static inline void security_delete_hooks(struct security_hook_list *hooks,
int i;
for (i = 0; i < count; i++)
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ extern int force_sig_info(int, struct siginfo *, struct task_struct *);
extern int __kill_pgrp_info(int sig, struct siginfo *info, struct pid *pgrp);
extern int kill_pid_info(int sig, struct siginfo *info, struct pid *pid);
extern int kill_pid_info_as_cred(int, struct siginfo *, struct pid *,
const struct cred *, u32);
const struct cred *);
extern int kill_pgrp(struct pid *pid, int sig, int priv);
extern int kill_pid(struct pid *pid, int sig, int priv);
extern __must_check bool do_notify_parent(struct task_struct *, int);
......@@ -345,7 +345,7 @@ int security_task_setscheduler(struct task_struct *p);
int security_task_getscheduler(struct task_struct *p);
int security_task_movememory(struct task_struct *p);
int security_task_kill(struct task_struct *p, struct siginfo *info,
int sig, u32 secid);
int sig, const struct cred *cred);
int security_task_prctl(int option, unsigned long arg2, unsigned long arg3,
unsigned long arg4, unsigned long arg5);
void security_task_to_inode(struct task_struct *p, struct inode *inode);
......@@ -1008,7 +1008,7 @@ static inline int security_task_movememory(struct task_struct *p)
static inline int security_task_kill(struct task_struct *p,
struct siginfo *info, int sig,
u32 secid)
const struct cred *cred)
return 0;
......@@ -770,7 +770,7 @@ static int check_kill_permission(int sig, struct siginfo *info,
return security_task_kill(t, info, sig, 0);
return security_task_kill(t, info, sig, NULL);
......@@ -1361,7 +1361,7 @@ static int kill_as_cred_perm(const struct cred *cred,
/* like kill_pid_info(), but doesn't use uid/euid of "current" */
int kill_pid_info_as_cred(int sig, struct siginfo *info, struct pid *pid,
const struct cred *cred, u32 secid)
const struct cred *cred)
int ret = -EINVAL;
struct task_struct *p;
......@@ -1380,7 +1380,7 @@ int kill_pid_info_as_cred(int sig, struct siginfo *info, struct pid *pid,
ret = -EPERM;
goto out_unlock;
ret = security_task_kill(p, info, sig, secid);
ret = security_task_kill(p, info, sig, cred);
if (ret)
goto out_unlock;
......@@ -52,8 +52,8 @@ static const struct whitelist_entry whitelist[] = {
{ "net/unix/af_unix.c", "unix_skb_parms", "char" },
/* big_key struct splashing */
{ "security/keys/big_key.c", "path", "void *" },
/* walk struct security_hook_heads as an array of struct list_head */
{ "security/security.c", "list_head", "security_hook_heads" },
/* walk struct security_hook_heads as an array of struct hlist_head */
{ "security/security.c", "hlist_head", "security_hook_heads" },
{ }
......@@ -716,16 +716,23 @@ static int apparmor_task_setrlimit(struct task_struct *task,
static int apparmor_task_kill(struct task_struct *target, struct siginfo *info,
int sig, u32 secid)
int sig, const struct cred *cred)
struct aa_label *cl, *tl;
int error;
if (secid)
/* TODO: after secid to label mapping is done.
* Dealing with USB IO specific behavior
if (cred) {
* Dealing with USB IO specific behavior
return 0;
cl = aa_get_newest_cred_label(cred);
tl = aa_get_task_label(target);
error = aa_may_signal(cl, tl, sig);
return error;
cl = __begin_current_label_crit_section();
tl = aa_get_task_label(target);
error = aa_may_signal(cl, tl, sig);
......@@ -61,11 +61,11 @@ static void __init do_security_initcalls(void)
int __init security_init(void)
int i;
struct list_head *list = (struct list_head *) &security_hook_heads;
struct hlist_head *list = (struct hlist_head *) &security_hook_heads;
for (i = 0; i < sizeof(security_hook_heads) / sizeof(struct list_head);
for (i = 0; i < sizeof(security_hook_heads) / sizeof(struct hlist_head);
pr_info("Security Framework initialized\n");
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ void __init security_add_hooks(struct security_hook_list *hooks, int count,
for (i = 0; i < count; i++) {
hooks[i].lsm = lsm;
list_add_tail_rcu(&hooks[i].list, hooks[i].head);
hlist_add_tail_rcu(&hooks[i].list, hooks[i].head);
if (lsm_append(lsm, &lsm_names) < 0)
panic("%s - Cannot get early memory.\n", __func__);
......@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ EXPORT_SYMBOL(unregister_lsm_notifier);
do { \
struct security_hook_list *P; \
list_for_each_entry(P, &security_hook_heads.FUNC, list) \
hlist_for_each_entry(P, &security_hook_heads.FUNC, list) \
P->hook.FUNC(__VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)
......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ EXPORT_SYMBOL(unregister_lsm_notifier);
do { \
struct security_hook_list *P; \
list_for_each_entry(P, &security_hook_heads.FUNC, list) { \
hlist_for_each_entry(P, &security_hook_heads.FUNC, list) { \
RC = P->hook.FUNC(__VA_ARGS__); \
if (RC != 0) \
break; \
......@@ -317,7 +317,7 @@ int security_vm_enough_memory_mm(struct mm_struct *mm, long pages)