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# File Boilerplate Tool
## Usage Introduction
Install with:
python install
## Usage Introduction
At the moment, installation is just "symlink `` into your path somewhere"
with the name `gen` suggested for that symlink since it makes usage very quick.
You'll need Python 3.4+ and the Python 3 `jinja2` package installed.
It should work on Windows but this hasn't been tested.
just as with any other setuptools-based system.
You'll need to use Python 3.4 or newer.
The Python 3 `jinja2` package is required, and will be installed by setuptools if you lack it.
A `genfile` script/executable wrapper is installed (wrapping `file_boilerplate.command_line.main`).
To generate `MyFile.cpp` and `MyFile.h` in some project,
just run the following from your desired destination directory:
gen MyFile
genfile MyFile
Adding `--nocpp` and `--noh` will skip those files in generation as indicated in help.
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