Commit 1bdf3632 authored by Sebastian Wick's avatar Sebastian Wick Committed by Daniel Stone
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weston-terminal: Fix weston-terminal crash on mutter

Set up handlers for wl_data_source v3 events
Signed-off-by: default avatarSebastian Wick <>
parent 43152a3a
...@@ -2207,10 +2207,29 @@ data_source_cancelled(void *data, struct wl_data_source *source) ...@@ -2207,10 +2207,29 @@ data_source_cancelled(void *data, struct wl_data_source *source)
wl_data_source_destroy(source); wl_data_source_destroy(source);
} }
static void
data_source_dnd_drop_performed(void *data, struct wl_data_source *source)
static void
data_source_dnd_finished(void *data, struct wl_data_source *source)
static void
data_source_action(void *data,
struct wl_data_source *source, uint32_t dnd_action)
static const struct wl_data_source_listener data_source_listener = { static const struct wl_data_source_listener data_source_listener = {
data_source_target, data_source_target,
data_source_send, data_source_send,
data_source_cancelled data_source_cancelled,
}; };
static const char text_mime_type[] = "text/plain;charset=utf-8"; static const char text_mime_type[] = "text/plain;charset=utf-8";
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