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    Reword sentences that contain psuedo-English "resp." · 16dad32e
    Andrew Eikum authored
    As you likely know, Arch Linux is in the process of moving to systemd.
    So I was reading through the various systemd docs and quickly became
    baffled by this new abbreviation "resp.", which I've never seen before
    in my English-mother-tongue life.
    Some quick Googling turned up a reference:
    I guess it's a literal translation of the German "Beziehungsweise", but
    English doesn't work the same way. The word "respectively" is used
    exclusively to provide an ordering connection between two lists. E.g.
    "the prefixes k, M, and G refer to kilo-, mega-, and giga-,
    respectively." It is also never abbreviated to "resp." So the sentence
    "Sets the default output resp. error output for all services and
    sockets" makes no sense to a natural English speaker.
    This patch removes all instances of "resp." in the man pages and
    replaces them with sentences which are much more clear and, hopefully,
    grammatically valid. In almost all instances, it was simply replacing
    "resp." with "or," which the original author (Lennart?) could probably
    just do in the future.
    The only other instances of "resp." are in the src/ subtree, which I
    don't feel privileged to correct.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Eikum <aeikum@codeweavers.com>