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    logind: Add a two new variables to the user session tracking file. · 2dc8f41a
    Colin Guthrie authored
    This counts 'online sessions' in addition to 'active sessions' and 'sessions'.
    In this context, an 'online session' covers all session in the 'active' state
    in addition to the explicit 'online' state.
    This provides an easy machanism to determin all relevant sessions easily
    (i.e. those that are not 'closing') and adds new semantics to the sd-login.c
    APIs sd_uid_get_sessions() and sd_uid_get_seats() where the require_active
    argument can be supplied as a value 2 which only lists sessions which are
    This functionality should allow client applications to avoid deadlocks where
    they only exit when all sessions are complete, such as a the problem where
    PulseAudio will not exit until all sessions are gone, but in itself prevents
    the session from exiting.
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