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    use #pragma once instead of foo*foo #define guards · c2f1db8f
    Shawn Landden authored
     #pragma once has been "un-deprecated" in gcc since 3.3, and is widely supported
    in other compilers.
    I've been using and maintaining (rebasing) this patch for a while now, as
    it annoyed me to see #ifndef fooblahfoo, etc all over the place,
    almost arrogant about the annoyance of having to define all these names to
    perform a commen but neccicary functionality, when a completely superior
    alternative exists.
    I havn't sent it till now, cause its kindof a style change, and it is bad
    voodoo to mess with style that has been established by more established
    editors. So feel free to lambast me as a crazy bafoon.
    v2 - preserve externally used headers
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