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......@@ -35,20 +35,20 @@ LIBGUDEV_REVISION=2
# Dirs of external packages
systemd System and Service Manager
* udev gained support for loading additional device properties
from an indexed database that is keyed by vendor/product IDs
and similar device identifiers. For the beginning this
"hwdb" is populated with data from the well-known PCI and
USB database, but also includes PNP, ACPI and OID data. In
the longer run this indexed database shall grow into
becoming the one central database for non-essential
userspace device metadata. Previously, data from the PCI/USB
database was only attached to the select devices, since the
lookup was a relatively expensive operation due to O(n) time
complexity. Since this is now O(log(n)), we decided to add
in this data for all devices where this is available, by
default. Note that the indexed database needs to be rebuilt
when new data files are installed. To achieve this you need
to update your packaging scripts to invoke "udevadm hwdb
--update" after installation of hwdb data files. For
RPM-based distributions we introduced the new
%udev_hwdb_update macro for this purpose.
* The Journal gained support for the "Message Catalog", an
indexed database to link up additional information with
journal entries. For further details please check:
The indexed message catalog database also needs to be
rebuilt after installation of message catalog files. Use
"journalctl --update-catalog" for this. For RPM-based
distributions we introduced the %journal_catalog_update
macro for this purpose.
* The Python Journal bindings gained support for the standard
Python logging framework.
* The Journal API gained new functions for checking whether
the underlying file system of a journal file is capable of
properly reporting file change notifications, or whether
applications that want to reflect journal changes "live"
need to recheck journal files continously in appropriate
time intervals.
* It is now possible to set the "age" field for tmpfiles
entries to 0, indicating that files matching this entry
shall always be removed when the directories are cleaned up.
* coredumpctl gained a new "gdb" verb which invokes gdb
right-away on the selected coredump.
* There's now support for "hybrid sleep" on kernels that
support this, in addition to "suspend" and "hibernate". Use
"systemctl hybrid-sleep" to make use of this.
* logind's HandleSuspendKey= setting (and related settings)
now gained support for a new "lock" setting to simply
request the screen lock on all local sessions, instead of
actually executing a suspend or hibernation.
* systemd will now mount the EFI variables file system by
* Socket units now gained support for configuration of the
SMACK security label.
* timedatectl will now output the time of the last and next
daylight saving change.
* We dropped support for various legacy and distro-specific
concepts, such as insserv, early-boot SysV services
(i.e. those for non-standard runlevels such as 'b' or 'S')
or ArchLinux /etc/rc.conf support. We recommend the
distributions who still need support this to either continue
to maintain the necessary patches downstream, or find a
different solution. (Talk to us if you have questions!)
* Various systemd components will now bypass PolicyKit checks
for root and otherwise handle properly if PolicyKit is not
found to be around. This should fix most issues for
PolicyKit-less systems. Quite frankly this should have been
this way since day one. It is absolutely our intention to
make systemd work fine on PolicyKit-less systems, and we
consider it a bug if something doesn't work as it should if
PolicyKit is not around.
* For embedded systems it is now possible to build udev and
systemd without blkid and/or kmod support.
* "systemctl switch-root" is now capable of switching root
more than once. I.e. in addition to transitions from the
initrd to the host OS it is now possible to transition to
further OS images from the host. This is useful to implement
offline updating tools.
* Various other additions have been made to the RPM macros
shipped with systemd. Use %udev_rules_update() after
installing new udev rules files. %_udevhwdbdir,
%_udevrulesdir, %_journalcatalogdir, %_tmpfilesdir,
%_sysctldir are now available which resolve to the right
directories for packages to place various data files in.
* journalctl gained the new --full switch (in addition to
--all, to disable ellipsation for long messages.
Contributions from: Anders Olofsson, Auke Kok, Ben Boeckel,
Colin Walters, Cosimo Cecchi, Daniel Wallace, Dave Reisner,
Eelco Dolstra, Holger Hans Peter Freyther, Kay Sievers,
Chun-Yi Lee, Lekensteyn, Lennart Poettering, Mantas Mikulėnas,
Marti Raudsepp, Martin Pitt, Mauro Dreissig, Michael Biebl,
Michal Schmidt, Michal Sekletar, Miklos Vajna, Nis Martensen,
Oleksii Shevchuk, Olivier Brunel, Ramkumar Ramachandra, Thomas
Bächler, Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen, Tom Gundersen, Tony
Camuso, Umut Tezduyar, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
* journalctl gained new --since= and --until= switches to
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
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