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; Sets emacs variables based on mode.
; A list of (major-mode . ((var1 . value1) (var2 . value2)))
; Mode can be nil, which gives default values.
((nil . ((indent-tabs-mode . nil)
(tab-width . 8)))
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" 'set exrc' in ~/.vimrc will read .vimrc from the current directory
set tabstop=8
set shiftwidth=8
set expandtab
- 8ch indent, no tabs
- Variables and functions *must* be static, unless they have a
protoype, and are supposed to be exported.
- structs in MixedCase, variables + functions in lower_case
- The destructors always unregister the object from the next bigger
object, not the other way around
- To minimize strict aliasing violations we prefer unions over casting
- For robustness reasons destructors should be able to destruct
half-initialized objects, too
- Error codes are returned as negative Exxx. i.e. return -EINVAL. There
are some exceptions: for constructors its is OK to return NULL on
OOM. For lookup functions NULL is fine too for "not found".
Be strict with this. When you write a function that can fail due to
more than one cause, it *really* should have "int" as return value
for the error code.
- Don't bother with error checking if writing to stdout/stderr worked.
- Do not log errors from "library" code, only do so from "main
program" code.
- Always check OOM. There's no excuse. In program code you can use
"log_oom()" for then printing a short message.
- Do not issue NSS requests (that includes user name and host name
lookups) from the main daemon as this might trigger deadlocks when
those lookups involve synchronously talking to services that we
would need to start up
- Don't synchronously talk to any other service, due to risk of
- Avoid fixed sized string buffers, unless you really know the maximum
size and that maximum size is small. They are a source of errors,
since they result in strings to be truncated. Often it is nicer to
use dynamic memory, or alloca(). If you do allocate fixed size
strings on the stack, then it's probably only OK if you either use a
maximum size such as LINE_MAX, or count in detail the maximum size a
string can have. Or in other words, if you use "char buf[256]" then
you are likely doing something wrong!
- Stay uniform. For example, always use "usec_t" for time