Commit 0ae97ec1 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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add api for choose the id name for a service

parent 4fe88d28
......@@ -155,6 +155,21 @@ int unit_add_name(Unit *u, const char *text) {
return 0;
int unit_choose_id(Unit *u, const char *name) {
char *s;
/* Selects one of the names of this unit as the id */
if (!(s = set_get(u->meta.names, (char*) name)))
return -ENOENT;
u-> = s;
return 0;
void unit_add_to_load_queue(Unit *u) {
......@@ -201,6 +201,8 @@ int unit_add_name(Unit *u, const char *name);
int unit_add_dependency(Unit *u, UnitDependency d, Unit *other);
int unit_add_dependency_by_name(Unit *u, UnitDependency d, const char *name);
int unit_choose_id(Unit *u, const char *name);
void unit_add_to_load_queue(Unit *u);
int unit_merge(Unit *u, Unit *other);
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