Commit 0c569346 authored by Dimitri John Ledkov's avatar Dimitri John Ledkov
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releasing package systemd version 237-3ubuntu10.10

parent a69e9713
systemd (237-3ubuntu10.10) bionic; urgency=medium
* debian/extra/start-udev: ignore failure to set sync parameter.
On old kernels (e.g. v4.4) the file is available but appears to be
non-writable. Hide error messages and ignore failure to write out sync into the
parameters file. This does not regress since older
kernel did synchronous scan anyway. But it does resolve failure to start the
installer on old kernels. (LP: #1784454)
File: debian/extra/start-udev
* Add conflicts with upstart and systemd-shim. (LP: #1773859)
File: debian/control
* units: Disable journald Watchdog (LP: #1773148)
File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-units-disable-journald-watchdog.patch
* cryptsetup: add support for sector-size= option (LP: #1776626)
File: debian/patches/cryptsetup-add-support-for-sector-size-option-8881.patch
* Re-add support for /etc/writable for core18. (LP: #1778936)
Author: Michael Vogt
File: debian/patches/debian/UBUNTU-Support-system-image-read-only-etc.patch
* systemctl: correctly proceed to immediate shutdown if scheduling fails
(LP: #1670291)
File: debian/patches/systemctl-correctly-proceed-to-immediate-shutdown-if-sche.patch
* core: export environment when running generators.
Ensure that manager's environment (including e.g. PATH) is exported when
running generators. Otherwise, one is at a mercy of running without PATH which
can lead to buggy generator behaviour. (LP: #1771858)
- debian/patches/core-execute-environment_generators-with-manager-s-enviro.patch
- debian/patches/core-execute-generators-with-manager-s-environmnet.patch
- debian/patches/exec-util-in-execute_directories-support-initial-exec-env.patch
* networkd: add support to set IPv6MTUBytes (LP: #1671951)
File: debian/patches/networkd-add-support-to-configure-IPv6-MTU-8664.patch
* Specify Ubuntu's Vcs-Git
File: debian/control
-- Dimitri John Ledkov <> Mon, 19 Nov 2018 17:48:47 +0000
systemd (237-3ubuntu10.9) bionic-security; urgency=medium
[ Chris Coulson ]
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