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man: finish service man page

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......@@ -246,8 +246,8 @@
mounts listed in
that have the
<literal>auto</literal> and
<option>auto</option> and
mount options set.</para>
<para>systemd automatically
......@@ -102,6 +102,16 @@
<option>false</option> and <option>off</option> are
<para>Time span values encoded in unit files can be
written in various formats. A stand-alone number
specifies a time in seconds. If suffixed with a time
unit, the unit is honored. A concatentation of
multiple value with units is supported, in which case
the values are added up. Example: "50" refers to 50
seconds; "2min 200ms" refers to 2 minutes plus 200
milliseconds, i.e. 120200ms. The following time units
are understood: s, min, h, d, w, ms, us.</para>
<para>Empty lines and lines starting with # or ; are
ignored. This may be used for commenting.</para>
......@@ -2625,8 +2625,8 @@ static const char* const service_restart_table[_SERVICE_RESTART_MAX] = {
DEFINE_STRING_TABLE_LOOKUP(service_restart, ServiceRestart);
static const char* const service_type_table[_SERVICE_TYPE_MAX] = {
[SERVICE_FORKING] = "forking",
[SERVICE_SIMPLE] = "simple",
[SERVICE_FORKING] = "forking",
[SERVICE_FINISH] = "finish",
[SERVICE_DBUS] = "dbus",
[SERVICE_NOTIFY] = "notify"
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