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<refentry id="systemd.timer">
<refpurpose>systemd timer configuration files</refpurpose>
<para>A unit configuration file whose name ends in
<filename>.timer</filename> encodes information about
a timer controlled and supervised by systemd, for
timer-based activation.</para>
<para>This man page lists the configuration options
specific to this unit type. See
for the common options of all unit configuration
files. The common configuration items are configured
in the generic [Unit] and [Install] sections. The
timer specific configuration options are configured in
the [Timer] section.</para>
<para>For each timer file a matching unit file must
exist, describing the unit to activate when the timer
elapses. By default a service by the same name as the
timer (except for the suffix) is activated. Example: a
timer file <filename>foo.timer</filename> activates a
matching service <filename>foo.service</filename>. The
unit to activate may be controlled by
<varname>Unit=</varname> (see below).</para>
<para>Timer files must include a [Timer] section,
which carries information about the timer it
defines. The options specific to the [Timer] section
of timer units are the following:</para>
<listitem><para>Defines timers
relative to different starting points:
<varname>OnActive=</varname> defines a
timer relative to the moment the timer
itself is
activated. <varname>OnBootup=</varname>
defines a timer relative to when the
machine was booted
up. <varname>OnStartup=</varname>
defines a timer relative to when
systemd was
started. <varname>OnUnitActive=</varname>
defines a timer relative to when the
unit the timer is activating was last
activated. <varname>OnUnitInactive=</varname>
defines a timer relative to when the
unit the timer is activating was last
<para>Multiple directives may be
combined, of the same and of different
types. For example, by combining
<varname>OnBoot=</varname> and
<varname>OnUnitActive=</varname> it is
possible to define a timer that
elapses in regular intervals and
activates a specific service each
<para>The arguments to the directives
are time spans configured in
seconds. Example: "OnBoot=50" means
50s after boot-up. The argument may
also include time units. Example:
"OnBoot=5h 30min" means 5 hours and 30
minutes after boot-up. For details
about the syntax of time spans see
<para>If a timer configured with
<varname>OnBootup=</varname> or
<varname>OnStartup=</varname> is
already in the past when the timer
unit is activated, it will immediately
elapse and the configured unit is
started. This is not the case for
timers defined in the other
<para>These are monotonic timers,
independant of wall-clock time and timezones. If the
computer is temporarily suspended, the
monotonic clock stops too.</para>
<listitem><para>The unit to activate
when this timer elapses. Argument is a
unit name, whose suffix is not
<filename>.timer</filename>. If not
specified this value defaults to a
service that has the same name as the
timer unit, except for the
suffix. (See above.) It is recommended
that the unit name that is activated
and the unit name of the timer unit
is chosen identical except for the
<title>See Also</title>
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