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fixme: update todo list

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* timer
- trigger mounting; mounts might take time, need to be executed asynchronously in a forked process?
* enforce max number of concurrent connection limit in sockets.
- need gc for active jobs that nothing cares for
* complete dbus exposure
- need gc for units that are not referenced anymore
* make conf parser work more like .desktop parsers
- refreshing of units (i.e. reload config files)
* implicitly import "defaults" settings file into all types
- further dbusification (i.e. export dependency information, per-unit-type data)
* write .service file install tool
- cgroupsification
* service startup should be delayed if the matching socket is being started
- snapshot system
* add #ifdefs for non-redhat builds in sysv parser
- add a job mode which shuts everything down but what is requested
* add #ifdefs for non-sysv builds
- implement timer
* bootchart hookup
- implement automount
* dbus.service and syslog.service should be symlinked not ifdef to the right distro-specific names
- create session/pgroup for child processes? handle input on console properly? interactive fsck? interactive luks password?
* reinvestigate random seed, hwclock
- fs namespaces
- templating/instances
* introduce serialized mode
- verify fragment data after loading: refuse cycles on yourself, service units contradicting, more than one Start executable, ...
* when refusing start due to ratelimit, enter restart state
- .socket needs to be notified not only by .service state changes, but also unsuccessful start jobs
* "disabled" load state?
- we probably cannot use glibc's syslog() for logging, since it
presumably uses the logging socket in blocking mode which might
trigger a deadlock if syslog does not process the socket anymore
(maybe because it is restarted) and the socket buffer is full.
* uid are 32bit
- in udev/mount if properties change we need to delete the old
settings and install the new settings. Deleting the old settings is
currently missing.
* %m in printf() instead of strerror();
- ability to kill services? i.e. in contrast to stopping them, go directly
into killing mode?
* gc: don't reap broken services
* iCalendar semantics for the timer stuff (RFC2445)
- restart-on-success, restart-on-failure, restart-on-abort, restart-on-name-gnone
* autofs für /dev/mqueue usw.
- port over to LISTEN_FDS/LISTEN_PID:
* provide sysv-like command line utilities
* Add OnlyByDependency
* ability to kill services? i.e. in contrast to stopping them, go directly
into killing mode?
* port over to LISTEN_FDS/LISTEN_PID:
- uuidd DONE
- nscd DONE
......@@ -59,10 +63,12 @@
- avahi-daemon (/var/run/avahi-daemon/socket)
- distccd
- teach dbus to talk to systemd when autospawning services
* teach dbus to talk to systemd when autospawning services
* unix sockets chown()/chgrp()
- unix sockets chown()/chgrp()
- watch dbus names for figuring out when a service has finished startup/goes down
* look for close() vs. close_nointr() vs. close_nointr_nofail()
- initialize console tty on startup
* check for strerror(r) instead of strerror(-r)
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