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......@@ -52,9 +52,11 @@ MANPAGES += \
man/systemd-cgtop.1 \
man/systemd-delta.1 \
man/systemd-detect-virt.1 \
man/systemd-efi-boot-generator.8 \
man/systemd-fsck@.service.8 \
man/systemd-fstab-generator.8 \
man/systemd-getty-generator.8 \
man/systemd-gpt-auto-generator.8 \
man/systemd-halt.service.8 \
man/systemd-inhibit.1 \
man/systemd-initctl.service.8 \
......@@ -63,6 +65,7 @@ MANPAGES += \
man/systemd-notify.1 \
man/systemd-nspawn.1 \
man/systemd-remount-fs.service.8 \
man/systemd-run.1 \
man/systemd-shutdownd.service.8 \
man/systemd-sleep.conf.5 \
man/systemd-suspend.service.8 \
......@@ -72,7 +75,7 @@ MANPAGES += \
man/systemd-tmpfiles.8 \
man/systemd-tty-ask-password-agent.1 \
man/systemd-udevd.service.8 \
man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.8 \
man/systemd-update-utmp.service.8 \
man/systemd.1 \
man/systemd.automount.5 \
man/systemd.device.5 \
......@@ -82,7 +85,10 @@ MANPAGES += \
man/systemd.mount.5 \
man/systemd.path.5 \
man/systemd.preset.5 \
man/systemd.resource-control.5 \
man/systemd.scope.5 \
man/systemd.service.5 \
man/systemd.slice.5 \
man/systemd.snapshot.5 \
man/systemd.socket.5 \
man/systemd.special.7 \
......@@ -107,6 +113,7 @@ MANPAGES_ALIAS += \
man/SD_ID128_MAKE.3 \
man/SD_INFO.3 \
......@@ -116,7 +123,7 @@ MANPAGES_ALIAS += \
man/SD_NOTICE.3 \
man/SD_WARNING.3 \
......@@ -146,6 +153,7 @@ MANPAGES_ALIAS += \
man/sd_journal_get_timeout.3 \
man/sd_journal_next_skip.3 \
man/sd_journal_open_directory.3 \
man/sd_journal_open_files.3 \
man/sd_journal_perror.3 \
man/sd_journal_previous.3 \
man/sd_journal_previous_skip.3 \
......@@ -191,7 +199,7 @@ MANPAGES_ALIAS += \
man/systemd-udevd-control.socket.8 \
man/systemd-udevd-kernel.socket.8 \
man/systemd-udevd.8 \
man/systemd-update-utmp-shutdown.service.8 \
man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.8 \
man/systemd-update-utmp.8 \
man/SD_ALERT.3: man/sd-daemon.3
......@@ -205,6 +213,7 @@ man/SD_ID128_FORMAT_VAL.3: man/sd-id128.3
man/SD_ID128_MAKE.3: man/sd-id128.3
man/SD_INFO.3: man/sd-daemon.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_APPEND.3: man/sd_journal_get_fd.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_CURRENT_USER.3: man/sd_journal_open.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH.3: man/sd_journal_next.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH_BACKWARDS.3: man/sd_journal_next.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH_DATA.3: man/sd_journal_get_data.3
......@@ -214,7 +223,7 @@ man/SD_JOURNAL_LOCAL_ONLY.3: man/sd_journal_open.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_NOP.3: man/sd_journal_get_fd.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_RUNTIME_ONLY.3: man/sd_journal_open.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_SUPPRESS_LOCATION.3: man/sd_journal_print.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_SYSTEM_ONLY.3: man/sd_journal_open.3
man/SD_JOURNAL_SYSTEM.3: man/sd_journal_open.3
man/SD_LISTEN_FDS_START.3: man/sd_listen_fds.3
man/SD_NOTICE.3: man/sd-daemon.3
man/SD_WARNING.3: man/sd-daemon.3
......@@ -244,6 +253,7 @@ man/sd_journal_get_monotonic_usec.3: man/sd_journal_get_realtime_usec.3
man/sd_journal_get_timeout.3: man/sd_journal_get_fd.3
man/sd_journal_next_skip.3: man/sd_journal_next.3
man/sd_journal_open_directory.3: man/sd_journal_open.3
man/sd_journal_open_files.3: man/sd_journal_open.3
man/sd_journal_perror.3: man/sd_journal_print.3
man/sd_journal_previous.3: man/sd_journal_next.3
man/sd_journal_previous_skip.3: man/sd_journal_next.3
......@@ -289,8 +299,8 @@ man/systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service.8: man/systemd-tmpfiles.8
man/systemd-udevd-control.socket.8: man/systemd-udevd.service.8
man/systemd-udevd-kernel.socket.8: man/systemd-udevd.service.8
man/systemd-udevd.8: man/systemd-udevd.service.8
man/systemd-update-utmp-shutdown.service.8: man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.8
man/systemd-update-utmp.8: man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.8
man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.8: man/systemd-update-utmp.service.8
man/systemd-update-utmp.8: man/systemd-update-utmp.service.8
man/systemd-user.conf.5: man/systemd-system.conf.5
man/SD_ALERT.html: man/sd-daemon.html
......@@ -325,6 +335,9 @@ man/SD_INFO.html: man/sd-daemon.html
man/SD_JOURNAL_APPEND.html: man/sd_journal_get_fd.html
man/SD_JOURNAL_CURRENT_USER.html: man/sd_journal_open.html
man/SD_JOURNAL_FOREACH.html: man/sd_journal_next.html
......@@ -352,7 +365,7 @@ man/SD_JOURNAL_RUNTIME_ONLY.html: man/sd_journal_open.html
man/SD_JOURNAL_SUPPRESS_LOCATION.html: man/sd_journal_print.html
man/SD_JOURNAL_SYSTEM_ONLY.html: man/sd_journal_open.html
man/SD_JOURNAL_SYSTEM.html: man/sd_journal_open.html
man/SD_LISTEN_FDS_START.html: man/sd_listen_fds.html
......@@ -442,6 +455,9 @@ man/sd_journal_next_skip.html: man/sd_journal_next.html
man/sd_journal_open_directory.html: man/sd_journal_open.html
man/sd_journal_open_files.html: man/sd_journal_open.html
man/sd_journal_perror.html: man/sd_journal_print.html
......@@ -577,16 +593,27 @@ man/systemd-udevd-kernel.socket.html: man/systemd-udevd.service.html
man/systemd-udevd.html: man/systemd-udevd.service.html
man/systemd-update-utmp-shutdown.service.html: man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.html
man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.html: man/systemd-update-utmp.service.html
man/systemd-update-utmp.html: man/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.html
man/systemd-update-utmp.html: man/systemd-update-utmp.service.html
man/systemd-user.conf.html: man/systemd-system.conf.html
man/systemd-backlight.8: man/systemd-backlight@.service.8
man/systemd-backlight.html: man/systemd-backlight@.service.html
man/binfmt.d.5 \
......@@ -644,6 +671,7 @@ endif
man/loginctl.1 \
man/logind.conf.5 \
......@@ -654,6 +682,18 @@ man/systemd-logind.html: man/systemd-logind.service.html
man/machinectl.1 \
man/systemd-machined.8: man/systemd-machined.service.8
man/systemd-machined.html: man/systemd-machined.service.html
......@@ -667,16 +707,11 @@ endif
man/systemd-random-seed-save.service.8 \
man/systemd-random-seed-save.service.8: man/systemd-random-seed-load.service.8
man/systemd-random-seed.8: man/systemd-random-seed-load.service.8
man/systemd-random-seed-save.service.html: man/systemd-random-seed-load.service.html
man/systemd-random-seed.html: man/systemd-random-seed-load.service.html
man/systemd-random-seed.8: man/systemd-random-seed.service.8
man/systemd-random-seed.html: man/systemd-random-seed.service.html
......@@ -785,7 +820,6 @@ endif
man/loginctl.1 \
man/pam_systemd.8 \
man/sd-login.3 \
man/sd_get_seats.3 \
......@@ -807,6 +841,7 @@ MANPAGES_ALIAS += \
man/sd_login_monitor_unref.3 \
man/sd_pid_get_machine_name.3 \
man/sd_pid_get_owner_uid.3 \
man/sd_pid_get_slice.3 \
man/sd_pid_get_unit.3 \
man/sd_pid_get_user_unit.3 \
man/sd_seat_can_multi_session.3 \
......@@ -819,6 +854,7 @@ MANPAGES_ALIAS += \
man/sd_session_get_tty.3 \
man/sd_session_get_type.3 \
man/sd_session_get_uid.3 \
man/sd_session_get_vt.3 \
man/sd_uid_get_seats.3 \
man/sd_uid_get_sessions.3 \
man/sd_uid_is_on_seat.3 \
......@@ -834,6 +870,7 @@ man/sd_login_monitor_get_timeout.3: man/sd_login_monitor_new.3
man/sd_login_monitor_unref.3: man/sd_login_monitor_new.3
man/sd_pid_get_machine_name.3: man/sd_pid_get_session.3
man/sd_pid_get_owner_uid.3: man/sd_pid_get_session.3
man/sd_pid_get_slice.3: man/sd_pid_get_session.3
man/sd_pid_get_unit.3: man/sd_pid_get_session.3
man/sd_pid_get_user_unit.3: man/sd_pid_get_session.3
man/sd_seat_can_multi_session.3: man/sd_seat_get_active.3
......@@ -846,6 +883,7 @@ man/sd_session_get_state.3: man/sd_session_is_active.3
man/sd_session_get_tty.3: man/sd_session_is_active.3
man/sd_session_get_type.3: man/sd_session_is_active.3
man/sd_session_get_uid.3: man/sd_session_is_active.3
man/sd_session_get_vt.3: man/sd_session_is_active.3
man/sd_uid_get_seats.3: man/sd_uid_get_state.3
man/sd_uid_get_sessions.3: man/sd_uid_get_state.3
man/sd_uid_is_on_seat.3: man/sd_uid_get_state.3
......@@ -883,6 +921,9 @@ man/sd_pid_get_machine_name.html: man/sd_pid_get_session.html
man/sd_pid_get_owner_uid.html: man/sd_pid_get_session.html
man/sd_pid_get_slice.html: man/sd_pid_get_session.html
man/sd_pid_get_unit.html: man/sd_pid_get_session.html
......@@ -919,6 +960,9 @@ man/sd_session_get_type.html: man/sd_session_is_active.html
man/sd_session_get_uid.html: man/sd_session_is_active.html
man/sd_session_get_vt.html: man/sd_session_is_active.html
man/sd_uid_get_seats.html: man/sd_uid_get_state.html
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......@@ -31,10 +31,12 @@ AUTHOR:
LGPLv2.1+ for all code
- except sd-daemon.[ch] and sd-readahead.[ch] which are MIT
- except src/udev/ which is (currently still) GPLv2+
- except src/shared/MurmurHash3.c which is Public Domain
- except src/journal/lookup3.c which is Public Domain
- except src/udev/* which is (currently still) GPLv2, GPLv2+
Linux kernel >= 2.6.39
Linux kernel >= 3.0
CONFIG_CGROUPS (it's OK to disable all controllers)
......@@ -62,6 +64,10 @@ REQUIREMENTS:
Mount and bind mount handling might require it:
Support for some SCSI devices serial number retrieval, to
create additional symlinks in /dev/disk/ and /dev/tape:
Optional but strongly recommended:
......@@ -79,10 +85,17 @@ REQUIREMENTS:
Note that kernel auditing is broken when used with systemd's
container code. When using systemd in conjunction with
containers please make sure to either turn off auditing at
runtime using the kernel command line option "audit=0", or
turn it off at kernel compile time using:
dbus >= 1.4.0
libblkid >= 2.20 (from util-linux) (optional)
libkmod >= 5 (optional)
libkmod >= 14 (optional)
PAM >= 1.1.2 (optional)
libcryptsetup (optional)
libaudit (optional)
* systemctl status *.path shows all logs, not only the ones since the unit is
* enabling an instance unit creates pointless link, and
the unit will be started with getty@getty.service:
$ systemctl enable getty@.service
ln -s '/usr/lib/systemd/system/getty@.service' '/etc/systemd/system/'
* check systemd-tmpfiles for selinux context hookup for mknod(), symlink() and similar
......@@ -14,30 +17,193 @@ Bugfixes:
* properly handle .mount unit state tracking when two mount points are stacked one on top of another on the exact same mount point.
Fedora 19:
* ellipsize_mem must take into account multi-byte unicode characters, and
- make the resulting line the requested number of *characters*, not *bytes*,
- avoid truncuating multi-byte sequences in the middle.
* When we detect invalid UTF-8, we cant't use it in an error message:
log...("Path is not UTF-8 clean, ignoring assignment: %s", rvalue);
* shorten the message to sane length:
* external: maybe it is time to patch procps so that "ps" links to
libsystemd-logind to print a pretty service name, seat name, session
name in its output. Currently it only shows cgroup membership, but
that's sometimes kinda hard to parse for a human.
Cannot add dependency job for unit display-manager.service, ignoring: Unit display-manager.service failed to load: No such file or directory. See system logs and 'systemctl status display-manager.service' for details.
* cgroup attrs:
- update dbus interface docs in wiki
Fedora 20:
* external: ps should gain colums for slice and machine
* localed:
- localectl: support new converted x11→console keymaps
* when installing fedora with yum --installroot /var/run is a directory, not a symlink
CGroup Rework Completion:
* introduce "mainpid" for scopes (or maybe not?)
* implement system-wide DefaultCPUAccounting=1 switch (and similar for blockio, memory?)
* implement per-slice CPUFairScheduling=1 switch
* handle jointly mounted controllers correctly
* introduce high-level settings for RT budget, swappiness
* wiki: guidelines how to make use of new cgroup apis
* set $SHELL where we set $HOME and $USER when User= is set of a service, drop its manual setting from user@.service
* we probably should replace the left-over uses of strv_append() and replace them by strv_push() or strv_extend()
* move config_parse_path_strv() out of conf-parser.c
* libdsystemd-bus should expose utf8 validation calls
* After coming back from hibernation reset hibernation swap partition
* If we try to find a unit via a dangling symlink generate a clean
error. Currently we just ignore it and read the unit from the search
path anyway.
* When a Type=forking service fails and needed another service that
service is not cleaned up again when it has StopWhenUnneeded=yes
* backlight: properly handle multiple backlight devices for the same
hardware: at shutdown we should only save the backlight setting for
the "best" way to access the backlight. Strategy should be: at
shutdown, ignore all backlights that are connected to a non-eDP or
non-LVDS port, and then prefer the firmware device over platform
device over raw device per-PCI card. Delete all old data. At boot
simply apply whatever data we find. Also see
* rfkill: save/restore soft rfkill status across reboots
* refuse boot if /etc/os-release is missing or /etc/machine-id cannot be set up
* ensure scope units may be started only a single time
* document that in instead of FsckPassNo= people should just add a manual dep to systemd-fsck@.service to their mount units.
* better error message if you run systemctl without systemd running
* systemctl status output should should include list of triggering units and their status
* for transient units, instead of writing out drop-ins for all properties consider serializing them in the normal serialization stream
* logind: when logging out, remove user-owned sysv and posix IPC objects
* session scopes/user unit: add RequiresMountsFor for the home directory of the user
* add a man page containing packaging guidelines and recommending usage of things like Documentation=, PrivateTmp=, PrivateNetwork= and ReadOnlyDirectories=/etc /usr.
* journalctl: instead --after-cursor= maybe have a --cursor=XYZ+1 syntax?
* given that logind/machined now let PID 1 do all nasty work we can
probably reduce the capability set they retain substantially.
* btrfs raid assembly: some .device jobs stay stuck in the queue
* Fedora: add an rpmlint check that verifies that all unit files in the RPM are listed in %systemd_post macros.
* Fedora: post FPC ticket to move add %tmpfiles_create to the packaging guidelines
* make sure gdm doesn't use multi-user-x but the new default X configuration file, and then remove multi-user-x from systemd
* when parsing calendar timestamps support the UTC timezone (even if we won't support arbitrary timezone specs, support UTC itself certainly makes sense), also support syntaxes such as +0200
* when a kernel driver logs in a tight loop we should ratelimit that too.
* "systemctl disable" of a unit instance removes all symlinks, should
only remove the instance symlink (systemctl disable of a template
unit however should remove them all).
* journald: optionally, log debug messages to /run but everything else to /var
* systemctl list-unit-files should list generated files (and probably with a new state "generated" for them, or so)
* journald: when we drop syslog messages because the syslog socket is
full, make sure to write how many messages are lost as first thing
to syslog when it works again.
* man: the documentation of Restart= currently is very misleading and suggests the tools from ExecStartPre= might get restarted.
* load .d/*.conf dropins for device units
* add a fixed dbus path for "my own unit", "my own session", ... to PID1, logind, ...
* service_coldplug() appears to reinstall the wrong stop timeout watch?
* transient units: allow creating auxiliary units with the same call
* how to reset dynamically changed attributes sanely?
* when reloading configuration, apply new cgroup configuration
* journald: make sure ratelimit is actually really per-service with the new cgroup changes
* gparted needs to disable auto-activation of mount units somehow, or
maybe we should stop doing auto-activation of this after boot
Maybe take a BSD lock at the disk device node and teach udev to
check for that and suppress event handling.
* when recursively showing the cgroup hierarchy, optionally also show
the hierarchies of child processes
* document logic of auto/noauto and fail/nofail in fstab in systemd.mount or systemd-fstab-generator man page
* we should properly escape ssh hostnames we add into dbus server strings
* something pulls in pcre as so dep into our daemons such as hostnamed.
* document systemd-journal-flush.service properly
* change systemd-journal-flush into a service that stays around during
boot, and causes the journal to be moved back to /run on shutdown,
so that we don't keep /var busy. This needs to happen synchronously,
hence doing this via signals is not going to work.
* allow implementation of InaccessibleDirectories=/ plus
ReadOnlyDirectories=... for whitelisting files for a service.
* libsystemd-bus:
- default policy (allow uid == 0 and our own uid)
- enforce alignment of pointers passed in
- when kdbus doesn't take our message without memfds, try again with memfds
- implement translator service
- port systemd to new library
- implement busname unit type in systemd
- move to gvariant
- merge busctl into systemctl or so?
- synthesize sd_bus_message objects from kernel messages
- properly implement name registry ioctls for kdbus
- get rid of object hash table, use decision tree everyhwere instead?
- implement monitor logic
- object vtable logic
- longer term:
* priority queues
* priority inheritance
* in the final killing spree, detect processes from the root directory, and
complain loudly if they have argv[0][0] == '@' set.
* add an option to nspawn that uses seccomp to make socket(AF_NETLINK,
SOCK_RAW, NETLINK_AUDIT) fail the the appropriate error code that
makes the audit userspace to think auditing is not available in the
* Introduce a way how we can kill the main process of a service with KillSignal, but all processes with SIGKILL later on
* maybe add a warning to the unit file parses whern the acces mode of unit files is non-sensical.
* investigate endianess issues of UUID vs. GUID
* maybe add a warning to the unit file parses where the access mode of unit files is nonsensical.
* see if we can fix
without dropping the location cache entirely.
* investigate endianness issues of UUID vs. GUID
* dbus: when a unit failed to load (i.e. is in UNIT_ERROR state), we
should be able to safely try another attempt when the bus call LoadUnit() is invoked.
......@@ -57,10 +223,6 @@ Features:
* logind: add Suspend() bus calls which take timestamps to fix double suspend issues when somebody hits suspend and closes laptop quickly.
* we need dynamic units
* add like "systemctl set-log-level debug"
* cgtop: make cgtop useful in a container
* test/:
......@@ -68,41 +230,24 @@ Features:
- make stuff in test/ work with separate output dir
- remove all the duplicated code in test/
* suppress log output on shutdown when "quiet" is used
* systemctl delete x.snapshot leaves no trace in logs (at least at default level).
* make the coredump collector tool move itself into the user's cgroup
so that the coredump is properly written to the user's own journal
* move /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.devname parsing from udevd to
kmod static-nodes
call kmod as an early service, and drop CAP_MKNOD from udevd.service
* systemd-delta needs to be made aware of *.d/*.conf drop-in files for
* seems that when we follow symlinks to units we prefer the symlink
destination path over /etc and /usr. We shouldn't do that. Instead
/etc should always override /run+/usr and also any symlink
* remove duplicate default deps logic from fstab-generator vs. mount.c
* when isolating, try to figure out a way how we implicitly can order
all units we stop before the isolating unit...
* teach udev + logind's uaccess to somehow handle the "dead" device nodes from:
/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/modules.devname
and apply ACLs to them if they have TAG=="uaccess" in udev rules.
* add ConditionArchitecture= or so
* teach ConditionKernelCommandLine= globs or regexes (in order to match foobar={no,0,off})
* we should log capabilities too
* Support SO_REUSEPORT with socket activation:
- Let systemd maintain a pool of servers.
- Use for seamless upgrades, by running the new server before stopping the
......@@ -123,7 +268,7 @@ Features:
and we might want to requeue the mounts local-fs acquired through
that automatically.
* rework specifier logic so that we can distuingish OOM errors from other errors
* rework specifier logic so that we can distinguish OOM errors from other errors
* systemd-inhibit: make taking delay locks useful: support sending SIGINT or SIGTERM on PrepareForSleep()
......@@ -133,13 +278,13 @@ Features:
* documentation: recommend to connect the timer units of a service to the service via Also= in [Install]
* add a tool that lists active timer units plus their next elapstion and the time the units ran last
* add a tool that lists active timer units plus their next elapse and the time the units ran last
* man: document the very specific env the shutdown drop-in tools live in
* shutdown logging: store to EFI var, and store to USB stick?
* man: extend runlevel(8) to mention that runlevels suck, and are dead. Maybe add runlevel(7) with a note about that too
* man: extend runlevel(8) to mention that runlevels suck, and are dead. Maybe add runlevel(7) with a note about that too
* systemctl: maybe add "systemctl add-wants" or so...
......@@ -160,9 +305,6 @@ Features:
* timedate: have global on/off switches for auto-time (NTP), and auto-timezone that connman can subscribe to.
* Honour "-" prefix for InaccessibleDirectories= and ReadOnlyDirectories= to
suppress errors of the specified path doesn't exist
* dev-setup.c: when running in a container, create a tiny stub udev
database with the systemd tag set for all network interfaces found,
so that libudev reports them as present, and systemd's .device units
......@@ -177,7 +319,7 @@ Features:
- write man page for efi boot generator
- honor language efi variables for default language selection (if there are any?)
- honor timezone efi variables for default timezone selection (if there are any?)
- introduce bootctl (backed by systemd-bootd) to control temporary and persistent default boot goal plus efi variables
- change bootctl to be backed by systemd-bootd to control temporary and persistent default boot goal plus efi variables
* maybe do not install getty@tty1.service symlink in /etc but in /usr?
......@@ -196,7 +338,6 @@ Features:
- logind: wakelock/opportunistic suspend support
- Add pretty name for seats in logind
- logind: allow showing logout dialog from system?
- logind: spawn user@..service on login
- logind: non-local X11 server handling
- logind: add equivalent to sd_pid_get_owner_uid() to the D-Bus API
- pam: when leaving a session explicitly exclude the ReleaseSession() caller process from the killing spree
......@@ -205,8 +346,6 @@ Features:
* exec: when deinitializating a tty device fix the perms and group, too, not only when initializing. Set access mode/gid to 0620/tty.
* DeviceAllow/DeviceDeny: disallow everything by default, but whitelist /dev/zero, /dev/null and friends
* service: watchdog logic: for testing purposes allow ping, but do not require pong
* journal:
......@@ -235,14 +374,13 @@ Features:
- journal-send.c, log.c: when the log socket is clogged, and we drop, count this and write a message about this when it gets unclogged again.
- journal: find a way to allow dropping history early, based on priority, other rules
- journal: When used on NFS, check payload hashes
- Introduce journalctl -b <nr> to show journal messages of a previous boot
- journald: check whether it is OK if the client can still modify delivered journal entries
- journal live copy, based on libneon (client) and libmicrohttpd (server)
- journald: add kernel cmdline option to disable ratelimiting for debug purposes
- refuse taking lower-case variable names in sd_journal_send() and friends.
- journald: we currently rotate only after MaxUse+MaxFilesize has been reached.
- journal: deal nicely with byte-by-byte copied files, especially regards header
- journalctl: show multiline log messages sanely, expand tabs, and show all valid utf8 messages
- journalctl: expand tabs
- journal: store euid in journal if it differs from uid
- journal: sanely deal with entries which are larger than the individual file size, but where the components would fit
- Replace utmp, wtmp, btmp, and lastlog completely with journal
......@@ -295,10 +433,6 @@ Features:
mode, it will never touch the RTC if the no reliable time source is active or the
user did not request anything like it.
* hwdb:
- implement conditional properties (dmi matches)
- hwdb --filter=ID_DRIVE_*
* if booted in "quiet" mode, and an error happens, turn on status
output again, so that the emergency mode isn't totally
surprising. Also, terminate plymouth.
......@@ -386,8 +520,6 @@ Features:
* Query Paul Moore about relabelling socket fds while they are open
* system.conf should have controls for cgroups
* allow writing multiple conditions in unit files on one line
* explore multiple service instances per listening socket idea
......@@ -405,8 +537,6 @@ Features:
when done. That means clients don't get a successful method reply,
but much rather a disconnect on success.