Commit 201dcbc0 authored by Michael Biebl's avatar Michael Biebl
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Revert "disable killing on entering START_PRE, START"

This reverts commit 1bb2e622.

Fixed properly by upstream with commit
parent 6af6169c
......@@ -2139,8 +2139,7 @@ static void service_enter_start(Service *s) {
/* We want to ensure that nobody leaks processes from
* START_PRE here, so let's go on a killing spree, People
* should not spawn long running processes from START_PRE. */
// F17, bz816842, bz805942
//cgroup_bonding_kill_list(UNIT(s)->cgroup_bondings, SIGKILL, true, true, NULL, "control");
cgroup_bonding_kill_list(UNIT(s)->cgroup_bondings, SIGKILL, true, true, NULL, "control");
if (s->type == SERVICE_FORKING) {
s->control_command_id = SERVICE_EXEC_START;
......@@ -2219,9 +2218,8 @@ static void service_enter_start_pre(Service *s) {
/* Before we start anything, let's clear up what might
* be left from previous runs. */
// F17, bz816842, bz805942
//cgroup_bonding_kill_list(UNIT(s)->cgroup_bondings, SIGKILL,
// true,true, NULL, "control");
cgroup_bonding_kill_list(UNIT(s)->cgroup_bondings, SIGKILL,
true,true, NULL, "control");
s->control_command_id = SERVICE_EXEC_START_PRE;
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