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man: minor updates

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......@@ -58,24 +58,42 @@
* bash completion a la gdbus
* use sulogin
* [Install] section rausmachen für early boot krams, uznd per default nach /lib linken
* s/Exited/Process/ in systemctl status
* systemctl list-jobs deps anzeigen
* systemctl status: "active since 5min"
* ConditionFileExists=, ConditionKernelCommandLine=, ConditionEnvironment= mit !
* systemctl list-jobs deps anzeigen
* oom_score_adj
* /etc/systemd/system.conf: mounten per default option
* accountsservice is dod
* ConditionFileExists=, ConditionKernelCommandLine=, ConditionEnvironment= mit !
* follow LSB exit codes spec in "systemctl start"
* auditd service files
* override the human readable dbus error code for permission denied.
* discuss reexec on shutdown, async. vs. sync?
* auto-serial-getty vs. isolate
* add RefuseManualIsolate= (default on?)
* add systemctl switch to dump transaction without executing it
* shell wenn fsck im arsch is
* system.conf/session.conf brauch ne man page
* make sure MountOnPlug und MountAuto und SwapOnPlug is off in Fedora
* place /etc/inittab with explaining blurb.
* pam_securetty should honour console=
* procps, psmisc, sysvinit-tools, hostname → util-linux-ng
* nologin nach /var/run
......@@ -449,7 +449,7 @@
activation of daemons. However, the primary
advantage of this scheme is that all providers
and all consumers of the sockets can be
started in parallel as soon als all sockets
started in parallel as soon as all sockets
are established. In addition to that daemons
can be restarted with losing only a minimal
number of client transactions or even any
......@@ -124,9 +124,9 @@
... and is equivalent to
<command>systemctl start
<command>systemctl isolate</command>,
<command>systemctl start
<command>systemctl isolate</command>,
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