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[PATCH] update changelog for 003 release

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0.2 - added namedev
now used a snapshot of libsysfs.
Can now handle the 5 different naming schemes.
Was released based on my OLS 2003 presentation.
Lots still left to do, but it kinda works better...
Summary of changes from v0.2 to v003
Daniel E. F. Stekloff:
o udevdb patch
o udevdb prototype
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o update the spec file for the new version and install process
o fix makefile release rule to not drop tdb.h file
o Add FAQ for udev
o removed AUTHORS and INSTALL files as they were pretty pointless
o copyright updates
o Add AUTHORS and INSTALL files
o TODO updates
o Updatd the README
o updated the TODO list
o add udev man page (basically just a place holder for now.)
o added uninstall support
o added install target for makefile so people don't have to do it by hand anymore
o add version to debug log on startup
o tell the user what mknod() we are trying to do
o add dbg_parse() to cut down on parse file debugging statements
o put config files and database in /etc/udev by default
o add ols 2003 udev paper to docs/
o clean up some debugging stuff in namedev.c
o do not build the tdb binary programs, only the objects
o merge tdb into the build process
o Added tdb code from latest cvs version in the samba tree
o added my name to the .spec file
o minor cleanups
o cleanup the mknod code a bit
o remove mknod callout
o handle new major:minor format of dev files that showed up in 2.6.0-test2-bk3 or so
o oops, everything was getting created as 000 mode, try to fix this up, but fail...
o more test stuff
Olaf Hering:
o print udev pid
Patrick Mansfield:
o add callout config type to udev
Paul Mundt:
o Fix TDB cross compilation
o udev spec file
o udev/libsysfs cross compile fixes
Summary of changes from v0.1 to v0.2
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o more test stuff
o removed unneeded stuff from udev.h
o added 0.2 change log info
o start working on label support, and fix some segfaults for block devices
o test config file changes
o add NUMBER support (basically same logic as TOPOLOGY, perhaps we should
merge this...)
o added topology support
o got REPLACE to work properly
o make struct config_device contain a struct device_attr instead of
duplicating the mess
o block test
o split the tests up into different files
o split udev main logic into udev-add and udev-remove
o Clean up the namedev interface a bit, making the code smaller
o bk: update ignore list
o update the tests to handle block devices too
o add initial libsysfs support
o added libsysfs to the build
o added libsysfs code from sysutils-0.1.1-071803 release
o namedev config files are fully parsed
o more permission tests
o make log_message spit out warnings so I don't have to spend forever
chasing down stupid bugs that aren't there...
o added klibc makefile
o Initial namedev parsing of config files
o sleep for 2 seconds to give the kernel a chance to actually create the
files we need
o pick a better default UDEV_ROOT
o fix up the test to actually work
o added more documentation in README and TODO files
Summary of changes up to v0.1
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o added more documentation in README and TODO files
o updated the documentation
o cleaned up the makefile a bit
o remove now works!
o restructure code to be able to actually get remove_node() to work
o Creating nodes actually works
o added stupid test script for debugging
o added initial documentation and gpl license
o enabled debugging
o updated ignore list
o added initial files
o fixed up config
o Initial repository create
o BitKeeper file /home/greg/src/udev/udev/ChangeSet
0.1 - Added a bit of documentation to the README and TODO files.
0.01 - initial release
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