Commit 2ab7076c authored by Kay Sievers's avatar Kay Sievers
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fixme update

parent d5ca5f11
* have a simple syslog bridge providing /dev/log and forward messages
to /dev/kmsg. at the moment the real syslog can be started, the bridge
is stopped and the open /dev/log fd to the real syslog. that way we
don't lose any early log message, and simple systems have full syslog
support in the kernel ringbuffer, without any syslog service or disk
* calendar time support in timer, iCalendar semantics for the timer stuff (RFC2445)
* implicitly import "defaults" settings file into all types
......@@ -14,7 +21,6 @@
* port over to LISTEN_FDS/LISTEN_PID:
- uuidd DONE
- nscd DONE
- dbus DONE
- rsyslog DONE
- rpcbind (/var/run/rpcbind.sock!) DONE
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