Commit 2fad8195 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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unit: dump start/exit timestamp

parent 3616a49c
......@@ -507,6 +507,7 @@ void unit_dump(Unit *u, FILE *f, const char *prefix) {
char *p2;
const char *prefix2;
CGroupBonding *b;
char timestamp1[FORMAT_TIMESTAMP_MAX], timestamp2[FORMAT_TIMESTAMP_MAX];
......@@ -519,11 +520,15 @@ void unit_dump(Unit *u, FILE *f, const char *prefix) {
"%s→ Unit %s:\n"
"%s\tDescription: %s\n"
"%s\tUnit Load State: %s\n"
"%s\tUnit Active State: %s\n",
"%s\tUnit Active State: %s\n"
"%s\tActive Enter Timestamp: %s\n"
"%s\tActive Exit Timestamp: %s\n",
prefix, unit_id(u),
prefix, unit_description(u),
prefix, unit_load_state_to_string(u->meta.load_state),
prefix, unit_active_state_to_string(unit_active_state(u)));
prefix, unit_active_state_to_string(unit_active_state(u)),
prefix, strna(format_timestamp(timestamp1, sizeof(timestamp1), u->meta.active_enter_timestamp)),
prefix, strna(format_timestamp(timestamp2, sizeof(timestamp2), u->meta.active_exit_timestamp)));
SET_FOREACH(t, u->meta.names, i)
fprintf(f, "%s\tName: %s\n", prefix, t);
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