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TODO: remove vconsole items

We should not pimp up the kernel's VC stuff, it's too linited and

At the moment not even the font uploaded early during bootup does
survive the KMS driver taking over the framebuffer driver. We
surely don't want to make promises about colors or resolution.

The future is fullscreen KMS/kmscon/wayland/... based terminals using
X fonts, keymaps, input methods, and not the old school too limited
kernel VC stuff. So leave the kernel VCs as they are, and don't expect
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...@@ -398,10 +398,6 @@ Features: ...@@ -398,10 +398,6 @@ Features:
- kill scsi_id - kill scsi_id
- add trigger --subsystem-match=usb/usb_device device - add trigger --subsystem-match=usb/usb_device device
* vconsole:
- implement setterm -store -foreground xxx --background zzz
- allow configuration of console width/height in vconsole.conf
* cleanup syslog 'priority' vs. 'level' wording * cleanup syslog 'priority' vs. 'level' wording
* dbus upstream still refers to and shouldn't * dbus upstream still refers to and shouldn't
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