Commit 34f0e866 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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log: read log settings from the environment

parent d3725859
......@@ -272,3 +272,43 @@ void log_meta(
errno = saved_errno;
int log_set_target_from_string(const char *e) {
LogTarget t;
if ((t = log_target_from_string(e)) < 0)
return -EINVAL;
return 0;
int log_set_max_level_from_string(const char *e) {
int t;
if ((t = log_level_from_string(e)) < 0)
return -EINVAL;
return 0;
void log_parse_environment(void) {
const char *e;
if ((e = getenv("SYSTEMD_LOG_TARGET")))
if (log_set_target_from_string(e) < 0)
log_warning("Failed to parse log target %s. Ignoring.", e);
if ((e = getenv("SYSTEMD_LOG_LEVEL")))
if (log_set_max_level_from_string(e) < 0)
log_warning("Failed to parse log level %s. Ignoring.", e);
static const char *const log_target_table[] = {
[LOG_TARGET_CONSOLE] = "console",
[LOG_TARGET_SYSLOG] = "syslog",
[LOG_TARGET_KMSG] = "kmsg",
DEFINE_STRING_TABLE_LOOKUP(log_target, LogTarget);
......@@ -37,11 +37,16 @@ typedef enum LogTarget{
void log_set_target(LogTarget target);
void log_set_max_level(int level);
int log_set_target_from_string(const char *e);
int log_set_max_level_from_string(const char *e);
void log_close_kmsg(void);
int log_open_kmsg(void);
void log_close_syslog(void);
int log_open_syslog(void);
void log_parse_environment(void);
void log_meta(
int level,
const char*file,
......@@ -55,4 +60,7 @@ void log_meta(
#define log_warning(...) log_meta(LOG_WARNING, __FILE__, __LINE__, __func__, __VA_ARGS__)
#define log_error(...) log_meta(LOG_ERR, __FILE__, __LINE__, __func__, __VA_ARGS__)
const char *log_target_to_string(LogTarget target);
LogTarget log_target_from_string(const char *s);
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