Commit 34f0fd81 authored by Florian Kriener's avatar Florian Kriener Committed by Lennart Poettering

locale: full fledged /etc/default/locale support for debian

debian uses /etc/default/locale for all locale setup, this patch
adds full support for it to systemd.
parent 964d124e
......@@ -139,7 +139,19 @@ int locale_setup(void) {
#elif defined(TARGET_DEBIAN) || defined(TARGET_UBUNTU)
if (r <= 0 &&
(r = parse_env_file("/etc/default/locale", NEWLINE,
"LANG", &variables[VARIABLE_LANG],
"LANG", &variables[VARIABLE_LANG],
"LC_TIME", &variables[VARIABLE_LC_TIME],
"LC_NAME", &variables[VARIABLE_LC_NAME],
NULL)) < 0) {
if (r != -ENOENT)
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