Commit 3616a49c authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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unit: free data from merged unit when we don't need it anymore

parent 819e213f
......@@ -424,11 +424,16 @@ int unit_merge(Unit *u, Unit *other) {
for (d = 0; d < _UNIT_DEPENDENCY_MAX; d++)
merge_dependencies(u, other, d);
other->meta.load_state = UNIT_MERGED;
other->meta.merged_into = u;
/* If there is still some data attached to the other node, we
* don't need it anymore, and can free it. */
if (other->meta.load_state != UNIT_STUB)
if (UNIT_VTABLE(other)->done)
return 0;
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