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fix typo

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......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@
prefixed with
<literal>System</literal> apply to the
journal files when stored on a
persistant file system, more
persistent file system, more
<filename>/var/log/journal</filename>. The
options prefixed with
......@@ -144,9 +144,9 @@
exists. Otherwise only the latter
applies. Note that this means that
during early boot and if the
administrator disabled persistant
administrator disabled persistent
logging only the latter options apply,
while the former apply if persistant
while the former apply if persistent
logging is enabled and the system is
fully booted
up. <varname>SystemMaxUse=</varname>
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
<para>By default the journal stores log data in
<filename>/run/log/journal/</filename>. Since
<filename>/run/</filename> is volatile log data is
lost at reboot. To make the data persistant it
lost at reboot. To make the data persistent it
is sufficient to create
<filename>/var/log/journal/</filename> where
<filename>systemd-journald</filename> will then store
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