Commit 47ae6e67 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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device: don't warn if we cannot bump the socket buffer

parent 487a15bb
* figure out what happened to bluez patch
* in pam_systemd: add option to kill normal user sessions on logout but only those with uid != 0
* introduce StandardOutput=syslog+console and StandardOutput=kmsg+console to support fsck output at boot
* Patch systemd-fsck to use -C and pass console fd to it
......@@ -468,8 +468,10 @@ static int device_enumerate(Manager *m) {
goto fail;
if (udev_monitor_set_receive_buffer_size(m->udev_monitor, 128*1024*1024) < 0)
log_error("Failed to set udev event buffer size.");
/* This will fail if we are unprivileged, but that
* should not matter much, as user instances won't run
* during boot. */
udev_monitor_set_receive_buffer_size(m->udev_monitor, 128*1024*1024);
if (udev_monitor_filter_add_match_tag(m->udev_monitor, "systemd") < 0) {
r = -ENOMEM;
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