Commit 4ff49cb6 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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update TODO

parent 7027ff61
......@@ -38,6 +38,20 @@ Fedora 19:
* decimal_str_max() should become a type-safe macro
* show-cgroup.c uses its own ulog10 implementation
* cgroup-util: verify syntax of cgroup controllers
* cgtop: make cgtop useful in a container
* make sure cg_pid_get_path() works properly for co-mounted controllers
* nspawn: ensure syntax of --uuid= argument is correct
* nspawn: detect whether something is an OS by checking for /etc/os-release
* explicitly disallow changing the cgroup path of units in the
name=systemd hierarchy, unless it is outside of /system
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