Commit 50fb9793 authored by Fedora systemd team's avatar Fedora systemd team Committed by Michal Schmidt
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logind: avoid creating stale session state files

There were old session state files accumulating in /run/systemd/session.
They confused e.g. "reboot", which thought there were still users logged
in. The files got created like this:

session_stop(Session *s) ->
        seat_set_active(s->seat, NULL) ->
                session_save(...);  /* re-creates the state file we just
                                       unlinked */

Fix it simply by clearing the s->started flag earlier to prevent
any further writes of the state file (session_save() checks the flag).
parent b8b4d3dd
......@@ -710,6 +710,8 @@ int session_stop(Session *s) {
if (s->started)
session_send_signal(s, false);
s->started = false;
if (s->seat) {
if (s->seat->active == s)
seat_set_active(s->seat, NULL);
......@@ -721,8 +723,6 @@ int session_stop(Session *s) {
user_send_changed(s->user, "Sessions\0");
s->started = false;
return r;
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