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[PATCH] v009 release

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Summary of changes from v008 to v009
o more extras/multipath changes
o and more extras/multipath updates
o more extras/multipath updates
o yet more extras/multipath
o more extras/multipath updates
o extras/multipath update
o D-BUS patch for udev-008
o add init.d/udev to "make install"
o add init.d/udev to the spec file
Kay Sievers:
o don't rely on field order in namedev_parse
o get part of callout return string
o remove '\n' from end of callout return
o man-page mention multiple symlinks
o allow multiple symlinks
o cleanup man & remove symlink comment
o experimental (very simple) SYMLINK creation
o man page beauty
o pattern match for label method
o a bug in linefeed removal
o remove udev from runlevels on uninstall
o install initscript in udev rpm
Daniel E. F. Stekloff:
o pre-libsysfs-0.4.0 patch
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o signal fixes due to klibc update
o sync klibc with release 0.95
o add mol permissions to the debian permissions file
o update the FAQ with info about bad modprobe events from the devfs scheme
o some cleanups due to the need for LABEL rules to use "SYSFS_" now
o Add restart target to the etc/init.d/udev script
o tweak the config file generation portion of the Makefile a bit
o change devfs disk name rule from 'disk' to 'disc'
o add vc support to udev.rules.devfs
o added a devfs udev config file from Marco d'Itri <md@Linux.IT>
o set default mode to 0600 to be safer
o Makefile tweaks for the DBUS build
o update the FAQ due to the latest devfs mess on lkml and also due to symlinks now working
o document the different Makefile config options that we have
o change USE_DBUS to DBUS in Makefile, and disable it by default as it's still to hard to build on all systems
o fix formatting of udev_dbus.c to use tabs. Also get it to build properly now
o move all of the DBUS logic into one file and remove all of the #ifdef crud from the main code
Olaf Hering:
o dump latest klibc into the udev build tree
o use udevdir in udev.conf
Patrick Mansfield:
o better allow builds of extras programs under udev
o update udev extras/scsi_id to version 0.2
Summary of changes from v007 to v008
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ USE_DBUS = false
ROOT = udev
VERSION = 008_bk
INSTALL_DIR = /usr/local/bin
Summary: A userspace implementation of devfs
Name: udev
Version: 008_bk
Version: 009
Release: 1
License: GPL
Group: Utilities/System
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