Commit 5ec7ed4e authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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systemctl: minor --help rewording

parent bf9a6e8b
......@@ -1429,7 +1429,7 @@ finish:
static int systemctl_help(void) {
printf("%s [OPTIONS...] {COMMAND} ...\n\n"
"Send control commands to the init daemon.\n\n"
"Send control commands to the systemd manager.\n\n"
" -h --help Show this help\n"
" -t --type=TYPE List only units of a particular type\n"
" -a --all Show all units, including dead ones\n"
......@@ -1452,9 +1452,9 @@ static int systemctl_help(void) {
" monitor Monitor unit/job changes\n"
" dump Dump server status\n"
" snapshot [NAME] Create a snapshot\n"
" daemon-reload Reload init daemon configuration\n"
" daemon-reexec Reexecute init daemon\n"
" daemon-exit Ask the init daemon to quit\n"
" daemon-reload Reload systemd manager configuration\n"
" daemon-reexec Reexecute systemd manager\n"
" daemon-exit Ask the systemd manager to quit\n"
" show-environment Dump environment\n"
" set-environment [NAME=VALUE...] Set one or more environment variables\n"
" unset-environment [NAME...] Unset one or more environment variables\n"
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