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man: explain why people should/shouldn't use sd_journal_print()

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......@@ -168,6 +168,23 @@ sd_journal_send("MESSAGE=Hello World, this is PID %lu!", (unsigned long) getpid(
not desired it can be turned off by defining
and and <function>sd_journal_print()</function> may
mostly be used interchangably
functionality-wise. However, note that log messages
logged via the former take a different path to the
journal server than the later, and hence global
chronological ordering between the two streams cannot
be guaranteed. Using
<function>sd_journal_print()</function> has the
benefit of logging source code line, file names, and
functions as meta data along all entries, and
guaranteeing chronological ordering with structured
log entries that are generated via
<function>sd_journal_send()</function>. Using
<function>syslog()</function> has the benefit of being
more portable.</para>
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