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releasing package systemd version 234-2ubuntu11

parent 60cde1bd
systemd (234-2ubuntu11) artful; urgency=medium
* Ubuntu/extra: ship dhclient-enter hook.
This allows isc-dhcp dhclient to set search domains and nameservers via
* Disable systemd-networkd-wait-online by default.
Currently it is not fit for purpose, as it leads to long boot times when
networking is unplugged or not yet configured on boot. (LP: #1714301)
* networkd: change UseMTU default to true.
Cherry-pick upstream change. (LP: #1717471)
* postinst: drop empty/stock /etc/rc.local (LP: #1716979)
* Imporve resolvconf integration.
Make the .path|.service unit that feed resolved data into resolvconf not
generate failures if resolvconf is not installed.
Add a check to make sure that resolved does not read /etc/resolv.conf when that
is symlinked to stub-resolv.conf. (LP: #1717995)
* core: gracefully bail out keyring operations when chown fails (LP: #1691096)
-- Dimitri John Ledkov <> Tue, 26 Sep 2017 11:38:02 -0400
systemd (234-2ubuntu10) artful; urgency=medium
* Do not fail debootstrap if /etc/resolv.conf is immutable. (LP: #1713212)
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