Commit 75787bb7 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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add fixme todo list

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- mounts might take time, need to be executed asynchronously in a forked process?
- need gc for active jobs that nothing cares for
- need gc for names that are not referenced anymore
- refreshing of names (i.e. reload config files)
- dbusification
- cgroupsification
- udev hookup
- snapshot system
- s/milestone/target/
- hookup with battery status, suspend/resume
- add a job mode which shuts everything down but what is requested
- write log subsystem/log output logic for daemons
- implement priv dropping
- allow to disable priv dropping for hook scripts from fragment
- implement timer
- implement mount/automount
- more process attributes: chroot, cpu affinity, scheduling
- create session/pgroup for child processes
- fs namespaces
- templating/instances
- verify fragment data after loading: refuse cycles on yourself, service names contradicting, more than one Start executable, ...
- rate limit startups
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