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update TODO

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......@@ -21,11 +21,15 @@ Features:
* add "loginctl unlock-sessions" as counterpart for "loginctl lock-sessions"
* extend cgroup attr dbus calls to optionally make changes persistent, and retrieve current kernel values
* support high-level cgroup setting syntax in systemctl. Example: "systemctl set-cgroup-attr MemoryLimit 5K"
* add a man page "systemdall" that lists all of systemd's man pages, inspired by zsh's "zshall" page
* print a nicer explanation if people use variable/specifier expansion in ExecStart= for the first word
* kernel cmdline switch to turn of predictable network interface names
* kernel cmdline switch to turn off predictable network interface names
* mount: turn dependency information from /proc/self/mountinfo into dependency information between systemd units.
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