Commit 83310f16 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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systemctl: when forwarding is-enabled to chkconfig hardcode runlevel 3

parent d68201e9
......@@ -4072,7 +4072,7 @@ static int install_info_apply(const char *verb, LookupPaths *paths, InstallInfo
argv[1] = file_name_from_path(sysv);
argv[2] =
streq(verb, "enable") ? "on" :
streq(verb, "disable") ? "off" : NULL;
streq(verb, "disable") ? "off" : "--level=3";
log_info("Executing %s %s %s", argv[0], argv[1], strempty(argv[2]));
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