Commit 883127fd authored by Mauro Dreissig's avatar Mauro Dreissig Committed by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
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systemctl: Fix wrong assertion test

parent 2a4b7e7b
......@@ -1013,7 +1013,7 @@ static int dot_one(DBusConnection *bus, const char *name, const char *path) {
while (dbus_message_iter_get_arg_type(&sub) != DBUS_TYPE_INVALID) {
const char *prop;
assert(dbus_message_iter_get_arg_type(&sub) != DBUS_TYPE_DICT_ENTRY);
assert(dbus_message_iter_get_arg_type(&sub) == DBUS_TYPE_DICT_ENTRY);
dbus_message_iter_recurse(&sub, &sub2);
if (bus_iter_get_basic_and_next(&sub2, DBUS_TYPE_STRING, &prop, true) < 0 ||
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