Commit 8ad802ec authored by Kay Sievers's avatar Kay Sievers
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bus: fix missing macro argument renaming

<fdo-vcs> systemd kay master * b1454bf0 src/libsystemd-bus/ bus-kernel.c kdbus.h
<fdo-vcs> systemd bus: catch up with kernel changes
<kmacleod> kay: randomly looked at your commit, it looks like in KDBUS_FOREACH_ITEM
  you missed changing a (d) to an (i) in (uint8_t*) (d) < (uint8_t*) (k) + (k)->size;  ?
<kay> kmacleod: hah, so there *is* a reason for using _foo in macros :)
<kay> kmacleod: thanks!
parent b1454bf0
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
#define KDBUS_FOREACH_ITEM(i, k) \
for ((i) = (k)->items; \
(uint8_t*) (d) < (uint8_t*) (k) + (k)->size; \
(uint8_t*) (i) < (uint8_t*) (k) + (k)->size; \
(i) = (struct kdbus_msg_data*) ((uint8_t*) (i) + ALIGN8((i)->size)))
static int parse_unique_name(const char *s, uint64_t *id) {
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