Commit 9494131b authored by Daniel Wallace's avatar Daniel Wallace Committed by Lennart Poettering

zsh_completion: complete only pids for systemd-coredumpctl

Instead of completing the whole line, which doesn't work, only complete
the pid, but still show the whole line so the user can see which command
was which.

Users can also let the parameter expansion sort the completion by date
instead of by pid, by setting

zstyle ':completion:*:*:systemd-coredumpctl:*' sort no

so that the zshcompsys doesn't sort the _describe function for only
parent ab75ca91
......@@ -896,12 +896,13 @@ _systemd-coredumpctl_command(){
_describe -t commands 'systemd-coredumpctl command' _systemd_coredumpctl_cmds
local curcontext="$curcontext"
local -a dumps
local -a _dumps
if (( $#cmd )); then
dumps=( "${(f)$(_call_program dumps "systemd-coredumpctl list 2>/dev/null")}" )
if [[ -n "$dumps" ]]; then
compadd "${dumps[@]}"
# user can set zstyle ':completion:*:*:systemd-coredumpctl:*' sort no for coredumps to be ordered by date, otherwise they get ordered by pid
_dumps=( "${(foa)$(systemd-coredumpctl list | awk 'BEGIN{OFS=":"} /^\s/ {sub(/[[ \t]+/, ""); print $5,$0}' 2>/dev/null)}" )
if [[ -n "$_dumps" ]]; then
_describe -t pids 'coredumps' _dumps
_message "no coredumps"
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