Commit 9bec0b1e authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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hostname: don't override the hostname with localhost if it is already set and /etc/hostname unset

parent 391ade86
......@@ -174,16 +174,36 @@ int hostname_setup(void) {
log_warning("Failed to read configured hostname: %s", strerror(-r));
hn = "localhost";
hn = NULL;
} else
hn = b;
if (!hn) {
/* Don't override the hostname if it is unset and not
* explicitly configured */
char *old_hostname = NULL;
if ((old_hostname = gethostname_malloc())) {
bool already_set;
already_set = old_hostname[0] != 0;
if (already_set)
goto finish;
hn = "localhost";
if (sethostname(hn, strlen(hn)) < 0) {
log_warning("Failed to set hostname to <%s>: %m", hn);
r = -errno;
} else
log_info("Set hostname to <%s>.", hn);
return r;
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