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[PATCH] 020 release

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Summary of changes from v019 to v020
o multipath update
Kay Sievers:
o man page udevstart
o cleanup udevstart
o bugfix for local user
o unlink bugfix
o TODO update
o clarify udevinfo device walk
o udevinfo symlink reverse query
o fix stroul endptr use
o add $local user spport for permissions
o udev - man page update
o udev - fix debug info for multiple rule file config
o udev - kill udevd on install
o udev - activate formt length attribute
o udev - safer sprintf() use
o no error on enoent
o escape dashes in man pages
o remove usage of expr in
o automatically install correct initscript
o update documetation for $local
Andrey Borzenkov:
o Add symlink only rules support
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o update the TODO list as we already have a devfs config file
o make start_udev use udevstart binary
o install udevstart
o Remove Debian permission files as the Debian maintainer doesn't seem to want to share :(
o update the Gentoo rules files
o Add Red Hat rules and permissions files
o add udevstart to the ignore list
o add udevstart program based on a old patch from Harald Hoyer <>
o unlink the file before we try to create it
o Merge greg@bucket:/home/greg/src/udev into
Summary of changes from v018 to v019
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ SENDER = udevsend
HELPER = udevinfo
TESTER = udevtest
STARTER = udevstart
VERSION = 019_bk
INSTALL_DIR = /usr/local/bin
LOCAL_CFG_DIR = etc/udev
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
Summary: A userspace implementation of devfs
Name: udev
Version: 019_bk
Version: 020
Release: 1
License: GPL
Group: Utilities/System
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