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[PATCH] udev - add %s{filename} to man page

Add the new %s{filename} to the udev man page.
And add the automatic start of udevd to the udevd man page.
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......@@ -195,6 +195,13 @@ returned string.
(This does not work within the
field for the obvious reason.)
A single part of the string, separated by the space character
my be selected by specifying the part number as a attribute:
.BI %c{ part }
.BI %s{ filename }
The content of a sysfs attribute.
.B %%
The '%' char itself.
......@@ -20,16 +20,20 @@ For each event a
.BR udev (8)
instance is executed in the background. All further events for the same device
are delayed until the execution is finished. This way it will never run more
than one instance for a single device.
than one instance for a single device at the same time.
.B udevd
receives the events from
.B udevsend
which is called by
.BR hotplug (8)
.BR hotplug (8).
.B udevd
isn't already running,
.B udevsend
will start it.
.BR udev (8)
.BR udev (8), hotplug (8)
.B udevd
was developed primarily by Kay Sievers <>, with much help
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