Commit b4151c6a authored by Michael Stapelberg's avatar Michael Stapelberg Committed by Michael Stapelberg
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update debian/changelog to reflect all changes since 204-5

parent fdcb1bce
systemd (204-6) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
* Run update-rc.d defaults before update-rc.d <enable|disable>
(Closes: #722523)
* preinst: preserve var-{lock,run}.mount when upgrading from 44 to 204
(Closes: #723936)
* fstab-generator: dont rely on /usr being mounted in the initrd
(Closes: #724797)
* systemctl: mangle names when avoiding dbus (Closes: #723855)
* Make 99-systemd.rules check for /run/systemd/systemd instead of the
ill-named cgroups directory.
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