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test: add test for jobs

Add a test case for job merging with --ignore-dependencies. is copied from TEST-01-*, only lightly modified (this
should be refactored better in the future). is the core of this test.
parent c90feab4
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#!/bin/bash -x
# Test merging of a --ignore-dependencies job into a previously
# installed job.
systemctl start --no-block
# sleep is now running, hello/start is waiting. Verify that:
systemctl list-jobs > /root/list-jobs.txt
grep 'sleep\.service.*running' /root/list-jobs.txt || exit 1
grep 'hello\.service.*waiting' /root/list-jobs.txt || exit 1
# This is supposed to finish quickly, not wait for sleep to finish.
START_SEC=$(date -u '+%s')
systemctl start --ignore-dependencies hello
END_SEC=$(date -u '+%s')
[ "$ELAPSED" -lt 3 ] || exit 1
# sleep should still be running, hello not.
systemctl list-jobs > /root/list-jobs.txt
grep 'sleep\.service.*running' /root/list-jobs.txt || exit 1
grep 'hello\.service' /root/list-jobs.txt && exit 1
# TODO: add more job queueing/merging tests here.
touch /testok
exit 0
# -*- mode: shell-script; indent-tabs-mode: nil; sh-basic-offset: 4; -*-
# ex: ts=8 sw=4 sts=4 et filetype=sh
KVERSION=${KVERSION-$(uname -r)}
KERNEL_VER=$(uname -r)
# Uncomment this to debug failures
DEBUGTOOLS="df free ls stty cat ps ln ip route dmesg dhclient mkdir cp ping dhclient strace less grep id tty touch du sort"
run_qemu() {
# TODO: qemu wrapper script:
qemu-kvm \
-hda $TESTDIR/rootdisk.img \
-m 512M -nographic \
-net none -kernel /boot/vmlinuz-$KERNEL_VER \
-append "root=/dev/sda1 systemd.log_level=debug raid=noautodetect loglevel=2 init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd ro console=ttyS0,115200n81 selinux=0 $DEBUGFAIL" || return 1
mkdir -p $TESTDIR/root
mount ${LOOPDEV}p1 $TESTDIR/root
[[ -e $TESTDIR/root/testok ]] && ret=0
cp -a $TESTDIR/root/failed $TESTDIR
cp -a $TESTDIR/root/var/log/journal $TESTDIR
umount $TESTDIR/root
cat $TESTDIR/failed
ls -l $TESTDIR/journal/*/*.journal
test -s $TESTDIR/failed && ret=$(($ret+1))
return $ret
run_nspawn() {
systemd-nspawn -b -D $TESTDIR/nspawn-root --capability=CAP_AUDIT_CONTROL,CAP_AUDIT_WRITE /usr/lib/systemd/systemd
[[ -e $TESTDIR/nspawn-root/testok ]] && ret=0
cp -a $TESTDIR/nspawn-root/failed $TESTDIR
cp -a $TESTDIR/nspawn-root/var/log/journal $TESTDIR
cat $TESTDIR/failed
ls -l $TESTDIR/journal/*/*.journal
test -s $TESTDIR/failed && ret=$(($ret+1))
return $ret
test_run() {
if check_qemu ; then
run_qemu || return 1
dwarn "can't run qemu-kvm, skipping"
if check_nspawn; then
run_nspawn || return 1
dwarn "can't run systemd-nspawn, skipping"
return 0
test_setup() {
rm -f $TESTDIR/rootdisk.img
# Create the blank file to use as a root filesystem
dd if=/dev/null of=$TESTDIR/rootdisk.img bs=1M seek=200
LOOPDEV=$(losetup --show -P -f $TESTDIR/rootdisk.img)
[ -b $LOOPDEV ] || return 1
sfdisk -C 6400 -H 2 -S 32 -L $LOOPDEV <<EOF
mkfs.ext3 -L systemd ${LOOPDEV}p1
echo -n test >$TESTDIR/keyfile
mkdir -p $TESTDIR/root
mount ${LOOPDEV}p1 $TESTDIR/root
mkdir -p $TESTDIR/root/run
# Create what will eventually be our root filesystem onto an overlay
# create the basic filesystem layout
# install compiled files
(cd ../..; make DESTDIR=$initdir install)
# remove unneeded documentation
rm -fr $initdir/usr/share/{man,doc,gtk-doc}
# install possible missing libraries
for i in $initdir/{sbin,bin}/* $initdir/lib/systemd/*; do
inst_libs $i
# make a journal directory
mkdir -p $initdir/var/log/journal
# install some basic config files
inst /etc/sysconfig/init
inst /etc/passwd
inst /etc/shadow
inst /etc/group
inst /etc/shells
inst /etc/nsswitch.conf
inst /etc/pam.conf
inst /etc/securetty
inst /etc/os-release
inst /etc/localtime
# we want an empty environment
> $initdir/etc/environment
> $initdir/etc/machine-id
# set the hostname
echo systemd-testsuite > $initdir/etc/hostname
eval $(udevadm info --export --query=env --name=${LOOPDEV}p2)
cat >$initdir/etc/fstab <<EOF
LABEL=systemd / ext3 rw 0 1
# setup the testsuite target and the test ending service
cp $TEST_BASE_DIR/{,end.service} $initdir/etc/systemd/system/
# setup the testsuite service
cat >$initdir/etc/systemd/system/testsuite.service <<EOF
Description=Testsuite service
# copy the units used by this test
cp $TEST_BASE_DIR/{hello.service,sleep.service,} $initdir/etc/systemd/system
cp $initdir/
mkdir -p $initdir/etc/systemd/system/
ln -fs ../testsuite.service $initdir/etc/systemd/system/
ln -fs ../end.service $initdir/etc/systemd/system/
# make the testsuite the default target
ln -fs $initdir/etc/systemd/system/
mkdir -p $initdir/etc/rc.d
cat >$initdir/etc/rc.d/rc.local <<EOF
exit 0
chmod 0755 $initdir/etc/rc.d/rc.local
# install basic tools needed
dracut_install sh bash setsid loadkeys setfont \
login sushell sulogin gzip sleep echo mount umount cryptsetup date
dracut_install dmsetup modprobe
# install libnss_files for login
inst_libdir_file "libnss_files*"
# install dbus and pam
find \
/etc/dbus-1 \
/etc/pam.d \
/etc/security \
/lib64/security \
/lib/security -xtype f \
| while read file; do
inst $file
# install dbus socket and service file
inst /usr/lib/systemd/system/dbus.socket
inst /usr/lib/systemd/system/dbus.service
# install basic keyboard maps and fonts
for i in \
/usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts/latarcyrheb-sun16* \
/usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/include/* \
/usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/include/* \
/usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwerty/us.*; do
[[ -f $i ]] || continue
inst $i
# some basic terminfo files
for _terminfodir in /lib/terminfo /etc/terminfo /usr/share/terminfo; do
[ -f ${_terminfodir}/l/linux ] && break
dracut_install -o ${_terminfodir}/l/linux
# softlink mtab
ln -fs /proc/self/mounts $initdir/etc/mtab
# install any Exec's from the service files
egrep -ho '^Exec[^ ]*=[^ ]+' $initdir/lib/systemd/system/*.service \
| while read i; do
i=${i##Exec*=}; i=${i##-}
inst $i
# install plymouth, if found... else remove plymouth service files
# if [ -x /usr/libexec/plymouth/plymouth-populate-initrd ]; then
# /usr/libexec/plymouth/plymouth-populate-initrd -t $initdir
# dracut_install plymouth plymouthd
# else
rm -f $initdir/{usr/lib,etc}/systemd/system/plymouth* $initdir/{usr/lib,etc}/systemd/system/*/plymouth*
# fi
# some helper tools for debugging
[[ $DEBUGTOOLS ]] && dracut_install $DEBUGTOOLS
# install* and run ldconfig
cp -a /etc/* $initdir/etc
ldconfig -r "$initdir"
ddebug "Strip binaeries"
find "$initdir" -perm +111 -type f | xargs strip --strip-unneeded | ddebug
# copy depmod files
inst /lib/modules/$KERNEL_VER/modules.order
inst /lib/modules/$KERNEL_VER/modules.builtin
# generate module dependencies
if [[ -d $initdir/lib/modules/$KERNEL_VER ]] && \
! depmod -a -b "$initdir" $KERNEL_VER; then
dfatal "\"depmod -a $KERNEL_VER\" failed."
exit 1
rm -fr $TESTDIR/nspawn-root
ddebug "cp -ar $TESTDIR/root $TESTDIR/nspawn-root"
cp -ar $TESTDIR/root $TESTDIR/nspawn-root
# we don't mount in the nspawn root
rm -fr $TESTDIR/nspawn-root/etc/fstab
ddebug "umount $TESTDIR/root"
umount $TESTDIR/root
test_cleanup() {
umount $TESTDIR/root 2>/dev/null
[[ $LOOPDEV ]] && losetup -d $LOOPDEV
return 0
. $TEST_BASE_DIR/test-functions
do_test "$@"
Description=Sleep for a minute, then say hello.
Wants=sleep.service hello.service
Description=Hello World
ExecStart=/bin/echo "Hello World"
Description=Sleep for 1 minute
ExecStart=/bin/sleep 60
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