Commit bcb92f48 authored by Cristian Rodríguez's avatar Cristian Rodríguez Committed by Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
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Annotate some functions as _const_

hexchar,unhexchar,octchar,unoctchar,decchar,undecchar are
all const functions.
parent 92dd3633
......@@ -211,12 +211,12 @@ int get_process_exe(pid_t pid, char **name);
int get_process_uid(pid_t pid, uid_t *uid);
int get_process_gid(pid_t pid, gid_t *gid);
char hexchar(int x);
int unhexchar(char c);
char octchar(int x);
int unoctchar(char c);
char decchar(int x);
int undecchar(char c);
char hexchar(int x) _const_;
int unhexchar(char c) _const_;
char octchar(int x) _const_;
int unoctchar(char c) _const_;
char decchar(int x) _const_;
int undecchar(char c) _const_;
char *cescape(const char *s);
char *cunescape(const char *s);
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