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man: throw in an example of timedatectl output

timedatectl is too cool not to advertise it a bit.
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......@@ -234,6 +234,50 @@
<para>Show current settings:
$ timedatectl
Local time: Fri, 2012-11-02 09:26:46 CET
Universal time: Fri, 2012-11-02 08:26:46 UTC
RTC time: Fri, 2012-11-02 08:26:45
Timezone: Europe/Warsaw
UTC offset: +0100
NTP enabled: no
NTP synchronized: no
RTC in local TZ: no
DST active: no
Last DST change: CEST → CET, DST became inactive
Sun, 2012-10-28 02:59:59 CEST
Sun, 2012-10-28 02:00:00 CET
Next DST change: CET → CEST, DST will become active
the clock will jump one hour forward
Sun, 2013-03-31 01:59:59 CET
Sun, 2013-03-31 03:00:00 CEST
<para>Enable an NTP daemon (chronyd):
$ timedatectl set-ntp true
==== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.freedesktop.timedate1.set-ntp ===
Authentication is required to control whether network time synchronization shall be enabled.
Authenticating as: user
Password: ********
$ systemctl status chronyd.service
chronyd.service - NTP client/server
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/chronyd.service; enabled)
Active: active (running) since Fri, 2012-11-02 09:36:25 CET; 5s ago
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